Make Self-Care an Easy Task With These 10 Products

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Jennifer Aniston prefers to keep her skincare routine super simple. Her main secrets to keeping her skin glowing are collagen, washing her face with water and soap (not excessive), and moisturizer with SPF protection. We agree that sometimes less is more.

We also thought you might be able to use some of these efficient cosmetic inventions that can save you some time and will flawlessly get the job done.

1. Treat your face gently with this exfoliating silicone massager.

This brush has different kinds of bristles and a comfortable handle. A deep clean face has never been easier. And the product is eco-friendly.

Promising review:

These little pads are amazing. After using a facial scrub for years, my pores had gotten blocked and had started to affect my already bad sinuses severely, resulting in a trip to the doctor. I now don’t use facial scrubs and wish I had found out about these years ago. These little beauties gently exfoliate your skin better, in my opinion, than any granular cleanser could ever do.
I am still having tiny bits of granular cleanser come out of my skin, especially my chest. This is quite a serious problem for some people, but for me, it has been a horrific lesson, and I will never ever use granular cleansers again.
These pads have been a lifesaver and are slowly removing the bits still left under my skin. Yes, it sounds funny, but it is the truth. These pads are 100% definitely worth a try. I will not use anything else now. — Amanda R.

2. Try out this orange eye mask with hyaluronic acid and orange juice to hydrate and brighten your under-eye area.

15 minutes are enough for this mask to work fully. You can gently massage your face afterward to make any excess serum soak in. Keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.

Promising review:

The best eye mask! Better than any eye cream I’ve ever used. These do make an obvious difference in revitalizing the eye area. — Unknown

3. Use this portable volcanic roller to absorb oil from your face no matter where you are.

The roller is made of real volcanic stone. It can help you keep your makeup fresh. It is easy to use: just gently roll the face roller ball over your skin. It comes with 2 replacement balls.

Promising review:

Where has this been all my life? For all my oily T-zone girls, this is necessary! I 100% recommend it to anyone fighting the shine. — Pamela

4. Use these versatile glass facial globes as a part of your daily routine to make your skin look luminous.

You can use them warm or cold, depending on the purpose. Just put the globes in hot water or the freezer for a little while, and you’ll be set. They can tighten your skin, stimulate your facial muscles, enhance your complexion, and reduce your pores.

Promising review:

They are very comfortable to use and make such a difference with puffy eyes and faces. Recommending with pleasure! — Dominika

5. Take matters into your own hands with these stainless-steel cryo sticks, for an upscale face massage.

There is a cooling liquid inside each stick. It stays cold long enough to refresh your entire face and neck.

Promising review:

Amazing product that leaves you feeling refreshed and depuffs your face. I absolutely love them. Very good quality. Arrived quicker than expected. Brilliant value for money. — Polly

6. This self-heating eye mask will give you an anti-wrinkle energizing spa treatment right at home.

This product is a time saver. There is no need to microwave it. Just open it and put it on. It will start warming up immediately.

Promising review:

These eye masks are great —they warm up nicely and stay warm for a good while. They feel very refreshing on my tired eyes and put me in a nice, relaxed mood. After using it, my eyes definitely feel less tired.
I also find the fabric very soft and comfortable on my skin. The ear part is also comfortable and stays nicely on my ears. I used this in the daytime, and it blocked out the light effectively. I’d say these are definitely worth trying if you often suffer from tired or sore eyes. — MIMI

7. Team this product up with compatible masks activated by the device and get your professional 90-second face spa treatment.

The usage is tricky but worth the fuss due to the valuable results.

How to use:

  • You need to download the FOREO app and scan the mask barcode.
  • Then remove the attachment ring from the UFO mini, place the activated mask on the device, and clip the attachment ring back into place.
  • Glide the UFO mini in circular motions. Dispose of the mask when the device turns off. Then rinse it under water.
  • Gently pat any remaining essence into your skin.

Promising review:

What can I say!!! This little device has changed my skincare routine for life...It’s the best face mask ever! Not messy, super quick, it’s like going to a spa, but at home and without all the fuss!
Yes, it is expensive, but it is awesome! It’s worth every penny as my skin has never EVER looked/felt/been so great! — kimmie

8. Take these blotting paper sheets wherever you go for effective oil control.

The pack consists of 6 differently-themed items. They are nice to your skin and environmentally friendly, which is a plus.

Promising review:

Great when wearing makeup in hot weather. I have packets of these everywhere. I never leave the house without them, they are great for hot weather, or if you become hot through the day, and you need to dab your face, it removes the moisture and doesn’t remove all the makeup like a tissue does. I’d recommend them, and they’re a great value for the money. — pamela

9. Bring your sponges and brushes back from the dead with this super product.

This liquid is vanilla-scented. It cleans brushes and sponges instantly and dries quickly. No rinsing is required. Works like magic.

Promising review:

Wish I’d taken a before and after of my makeup brushes — this really works. Ordered it after watching a video on TikTok, and I was so impressed that it actually worked just as well as it did in the video. — Amazon Customer

10. These pretty collagen patches will moisturize your skin and help you reduce the dark circles under your eyes.

They are made from vegetable collagen and will help you balance your skin’s PH. They also come in different packaging.

Promising review:

Nice eye pads, easy to open and use, have used twice so far, so can’t really comment on how they are working but my under eye area certainly looked brighter, lovely box to keep them in, and will be using them regularly as they’re a good value for the money. — Amazon Customer

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