A Man Proposes to His Girlfriend With 5 Rings and the Reason Is Heart-Wrenching

7 months ago

A man expressed his intention to marry his girlfriend in a truly unique and extravagant manner by surprising her with not one, but five engagement rings. The unconventional nature of the proposal not only astonished the woman but also captivated the attention and admiration of those witnessing the heartfelt moment. The unconventional gesture sparked a wave of reactions online, especially for the meaningful reason behind it.

He pursued a life path that was meant to be like that

Joshua Renaud entered Brittany Hunter’s life at a point when she was already a mother of four. Unperturbed by the pre-existing family dynamic, Renaud could relate to this scenario as he had encountered a similar situation in his own early years. His mother, too, had met a man after giving birth to him.

Indeed during Renaud’s childhood, his stepfather proposed to his mother, and this pivotal moment played a significant role in shaping his life’s perspective. He held his stepfather in high regard, affectionately and when Josh Renaud was only four years old, the man he affectionately referred to as “dad” proposed to his mother. He mentioned that, along with a ring given to his mom during the proposal, his dad also presented him with a small gold band, pledging to be there for him and his mom indefinitely.

Reflecting on that moment, Renaud, who is now 38, shared that ever since that time, he always knew that if he were ever fortunate enough to propose to a woman who is also a mother, he would approach it in the same manner his dad did. Moreover, Renaud not only admired but also actively emulated one of his stepfather’s defining actions, incorporating it into his own character development.

Joshua helped them get through the tough time after their dad passed away

When Joshua and Brittany started dating, he knew her kids would be part of the deal. So, when he thought about proposing, he came up with a special and touching way to do it.

Therefore, on November 11, 2023, Renaud and Hunter’s love story took a big turn when Renaud popped the question. Knowing how important Hunter’s four children were, he made sure they were part of the proposal, solidifying not just his connection with Hunter but also his commitment to the whole family.

Despite their discussions about marriage, Hunter never expected the proposal to happen when it did. Her journey, marked by the pain of losing her first husband three years before, had led her to a place of unexpected joy and love with Renaud. The proposal became not just a celebration of their love but a testament to the healing power of time and the resilience of a family that had weathered its share of storms.

The woman says: “I never thought that it would be possible to find someone who would love us all the way that he did. Then, Josh came into our lives and has shown us that kind of love and happiness again.”

The overall arrangement of the proposal was very touching

The scene was set with the children wearing shirts that carried a powerful question: “Can we call Josh dad?” and then all of the sudden, Hunter entered the room and was visibly moved, tearing up at the sight.

Later in the video posted on Tiktok, Renaud addressed Hunter, expressing that Brittany had shown him a kind of love he never knew he could feel. He conveyed that he would be honored to be her husband and the kids’ dad. Following the proposal, Renaud, still on one knee, posed the same question to each of the children, presenting them with rings from an opened box. Reflecting on the moment, he noted that the pure love and excitement in their eyes hit him like a freight train.

Hunter shared her immediate reaction: as soon as she turned around, she knew what was happening. Overwhelmed with emotion, she added that she was trying desperately to avoid sobbing as the tears were forming because she did not want to miss a single word.

Renaud recalled the anticipation building up to the proposal, sharing that when he first mentioned it to Hunter’s kids, they were ecstatic. The kids were more excited than he ever could have imagined, noting the unexpected level of joy in their smiles and eyes.

Even in the early stages of their relationship, the kids were curious about Renaud’s role, asking if he would be their dad. While the couple said that it would take some more time for them to figure that out, the persistent questions weighed heavily on Renaud’s heart. By this point, the couple was deeply in love and frequently discussing marriage. Renaud reflected that he couldn’t remember specifically when the idea to have the kids wear the shirts for the proposal popped into his head, but it was somewhere around that time.

The surprising gesture from her mother-in-law

During the proposal, Renaud’s mother made a meaningful gesture by giving Hunter his dad’s gold band, which Renaud had handed over to his mom when it no longer fit him. After more than 30 years, Renaud’s mom took off the ring and offered it to Hunter, suggesting it become her wedding band.

For Renaud, it felt like a full-circle moment. The band, once a symbol of a promise from his dad, now represented the commitment between him and his wife. Renaud also mentioned that when he outgrew the gold band, his mom started wearing it alongside her own wedding ring. Renaud expressed that it was one of the most beautiful moments of his life. The exchange added a profound layer to the family’s history, connecting past and present through a shared symbol of love and commitment.

The video went viral on Tiktok

The proposal video made its way to TikTok, amassing an impressive 440k likes and nearly 7 million views. Overflowing with positivity, the comments section became a haven for heartfelt responses, striking a chord with viewers.

Among the sentiments expressed were words like “Beautiful! Including her children in the proposal 🥹 He knows he’s marrying a family, not just a woman.” Many resonated with the couple’s experience, finding parallels in their own lives. A comment from someone in a similar role read, “As a bonus mom, this is the best proposal I’ve ever seen! You marry the whole family, not just the spouse!” Others wished for similar love and consideration, saying, “I wish every single mom could have a man like this in their lives.”

The outpouring of support and empathy demonstrated how the proposal touched the hearts of viewers, creating a virtual space where people could connect over shared experiences and the universal theme of love extending beyond individuals to embrace entire families.

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