Mark Zuckerberg Uses AI to Braid His Daughter’s Hair

8 months ago

Parents don’t know everything, but they always give their best. As a dad, Mark Zuckerberg found himself in unknown territory when his daughter asked for a braid, and he turned for help to what he knows best: artificial intelligence.

Mark Zuckerberg, who co-founded Facebook, now rebranded as Meta, made a characteristically tech-savvy move recently. He demonstrated the full potential of his Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, which include audio and a camera, and are integrated with Meta’s AI, by using them to assist in braiding his daughter’s hair.

In a heartwarming video shared on Instagram, Zuckerberg can be seen in one of his daughter’s bedrooms, donning the smart glasses and seeking guidance: “Hey Meta, how do I make a braid?”

The glasses then reply by providing step-by-step instructions, advising him to start by brushing the hair to remove tangles, separating it into three equal parts, and then starting a basic braid by crossing the different sections. Zuckerberg follows the directions while claiming not to be “the most experienced braider,” but that he believes “we can get this done,” which he successfully did!

Once it was done, Zuckerberg then instructs Meta to send a photo of his achievement to his wife, Priscilla Chan, through WhatsApp.

In the wholesome clip, it’s not clear which of Zuckerberg’s eldest daughters is getting her hair done, as he and Chan are parents to 3 daughters: Maxima (8), August (6), and baby Aurelia, who was born in March 2023. The two met at a Harvard fraternity party in 2003 and tied the knot in 2012.

Mark Zuckerberg’s involvement in his daughters’ lives extends far beyond just hair-braiding. He is proud to show the girls he’s a “girl dad” and makes sure to strengthen his bond with them through different activities, including taking them to a Taylor Swift concert.

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i have nothing against AI but to use it to do ur daughter's hair isn't right. a parent should take time out to do things for their child, and using AI to do things for ur child is just lazy patenting imo


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