Girl Dad: Mark Zuckerberg Takes His Daughters to a Taylor Swift Concert

8 months ago

Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, is the ultimate Swiftie, as he took a break from his very busy schedule to take his daughters and wife to a Taylor Swift concert. Mark decked up for the night out by adding colorful sticky gems around one of his eyes and wore different-colored beaded bracelets.

“Life of a girl dad.”

This is how Mark captioned his post on Instagram, where he shared a bunch of pictures from the special night with his girls.

The first snapshot captures a delightful moment as he strikes a pose with his beloved wife, Priscilla. The other 2 photographs were skillfully taken by Mark himself, showcasing his two adorable daughters alongside their mother and some close friends.

Mark and his wife arrived at the concert prepared.

Mark and Priscilla literally shined during Taylor Swift’s concert in Santa Clara. The couple complemented their looks by adding colorful and shiny sticky face gems around one of their eyes.

Mark also wore beaded bracelets on his wrists, all in different colors.

He still took time to get some work done.

Work, unfortunately, never stops for Mark. Even on this day, while they were on their way to the concert, he took some time to check the 13 emails waiting for him in his inbox.

He posted this moment on his Instagram stories by sharing a picture of him with the caption, “Checking 13 emails on the way to the concert,” followed by a face with tears of joy emoji.

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t the only celebrity known for spending quality time with his family. Dwayne ’The Rock’ Johnson once canceled a work meeting to spend more time with his daughters.

Preview photo credit zuck / Instagram


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