My Husband Became Disabled and Now My New Husband and I Are His Caretakers

9 months ago

Love has a remarkable way of bringing out the best in us, and Kristen Armstrong’s journey is a shining example of this truth. Even after her ex-husband suffered a life-altering disability, she remained devoted to caring for him, while her new husband stood by her side with unwavering support. Armstrong’s TikTok videos have touched the hearts of millions across the globe, and now, we bring you her extraordinary story.

The couple was together since high school.

Kristen and Brandon’s love story took a tragic turn in 2008 when a devastating car accident altered their lives forever. Married for two years to her high school sweetheart, Kristen faced an agonizing two-month wait while Brandon was in a coma. “I held onto hope that a miracle would happen, and he’d be the same Brandon,” she says.

But fate had a different path in store. When Brandon finally awoke, he was a changed person, requiring constant care that led to his relocation to a nursing facility.

At that time, the couple was in their mid-20, full of hope and plans for the future. But now, all that changed, and Kristen was forced to make a painful decision to divorce Brandon.

“Every morning I woke up, and I was hit by this train of sadness. He was my soulmate, my best friend. I was grieving a living person,” she recalls.

Kristen was not willing to let go of Brandon.

But Kristen’s commitment to Brandon and her love for him has proven to be stronger than any imaginable challenges. She was determined to take care of him for the rest of his life and became his legal guardian. And although some people expressed their concerns about Kristen’s decision, she reassured them that she will be there for Brandon even if she starts her own family — and she kept her word.

Her second husband accepted Brandon with open arms.

Her second husband, James Armstrong, who she married in 2015, is supporting her completely. In her wedding vow, Kristen promised to love James’s 5-year-old son as her own, and James gave his word that he would love and care for Brandon.

He’s our family member. He’s like one of our kids, we love him the same,” teary-eyed James says.

James’s support and selflessness shine through as he assists in every way possible without hesitation or complaint. The viral video of James spoon-feeding Brandon at a restaurant and transferring him to a car has touched millions of hearts, prompting an outpouring of support and admiration for this loving family.

They nurture a unique family bond.

For Kristen, caring for Brandon is an honor, and she says her love for him has only grown stronger over time. Her and James’s girls adore ’’Uncle’’ Brandon and her stepson loves visiting him in the nursing home. The family brings Brandon to their house every week, and they often take him out to restaurants and spend quality time together.

This love story may have taken an unexpected twist, but it is precisely what makes it so wholesome and meaningful. It exemplifies the deep connection that keeps us devoted and faithful to our partner, no matter what challenges life throws our way, showing us how difficult times can push us to grow beyond our perceived limits.


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If you weren't willing to let go,why divorce him then as still could of helped while in hospital.i see it as you just wanted another husband who can walk talk give you kids and help look after Ur exhusband.


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