10 Hairstyle Tips That Can Help You Enhance Your Facial Features

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Beauty is a very ambiguous concept with many nuances. Beyond the canons, there are also our criteria. When we don’t like some part of our body or face, we can feel very uncomfortable and even lose some self-confidence. But if we talk about minor “imperfections” in facial features, you should know that you can make many of them go unnoticed simply by changing your hairstyle.

1. Close-set eyes

Eyes are said to be close together when the distance between them is less than the size of one eye. Looking closely at Jennifer’s first image, you may feel that the actress has a long face. Her eyes, so close together and small, may seem not to occupy as much space as they should. In contrast, in the second photo, everything may look more harmonious.

Covering the face at the temples with hair can reduce that feeling of empty space. It makes your face look narrower and longer, so that small space between the eyes gets lost. A long side fringe would be perfect in this case.

2. Prominent jaw

You have two options to balance a prominent jawline. First, you can give width to the upper part of your face, cheeks, and forehead. The second is to make the jawline look narrower. Straight-cut bangs and long hair without layers will be excellent options.

In the second image, Angelina opted for a hairstyle without much volume on top but with waves from the cheek line and down to create movement, making her jaw look thinner, for example.

3. Dark circles under the eyes

This hack, more than the hairstyle itself, is in the color contrast. The darker the hair tones, the more they highlight the natural darkness of the dark circles, bags, and wrinkles around the eyes. Deep colors tend to harden the features and make them more visible.

Choosing hairstyles that elevate people’s looks without straight cuts is also essential. A blunt hairstyle with movement at eye level is excellent. You want to illuminate and give life to the eye area using color contrast and hairstyle.

4. Big forehead

Finding hairstyles to camouflage a forehead that is too wide can be a bit complicated, but bangs will be a great option. However, please do not rush into it because there are many different ways to wear bangs: straight, irregular, side, blunt, and prolonged with separation in the center, among others. Options are endless, and each has a different visual effect on the rest of your face.

It would be interesting to figure out what type of face shape you have, so you can choose the kind of bangs that best suit it. That way, you’ll favor the natural lines of your face while at the same time covering your forehead if that’s what you want.

5. Chin

Haircuts that create volume on the top of the head, such as short layered cuts, blunt bangs, and chin-length manes, could be a great option in this case. However, long hair with the ends outlined or staggered at the jawline will be perfect for disguising a double chin.

Christina combined both options in this case: a type of fringe that gives some volume on the top of the head and a swept-back shape on the lower half to take dimension off her chin and neck.

6. Very large mouth

To conceal a large mouth, create width in the lower part of your face and around the cheeks. In precisely the opposite way as in the previous case, the idea is to keep the area as uncluttered as possible but framed in volume and movement.

This will make the lower part look larger and the mouth smaller. A long layered cut below the shoulders will help you achieve this effect, and if you combine it with waves or curls, the result will be excellent.

7. Wide-spaced eyes

If your eyes are wide apart, avoid as much volume as possible at the height of the fringe where they meet. This can make their separation even more noticeable. The middle parting could be a simple but effective solution.

A center parting will draw attention to the middle of the face, making the eyes look closer together. When you part your hair down the center and make it look longer, you also highlight its symmetry.

8. Wide nose

Yes, it is also possible to make your nose look wider or thinner with your hairstyle. It’s all about playing with shapes. Curls, waves, and cuts that make a face look wider are ideal. If the face seems wider, a large nose will look more proportionate, and the whole will be more harmonious.

Asymmetry can also be a great option. If you usually use a middle parting, and this is your case, try switching it to either side. You will notice a big difference.

9. Droopy eyes

Avoid hairstyles that highlight the downward lines of your eyes, as is the case in the first image. Instead, opt for those that elevate the hair or give it movement. Ponytails are a good option, as they enlarge the eyes and, if they are tight, even lift them up.

In fact, a trick to achieve a “foxy eyes” look with just the hairstyle went viral among beauty gurus online. It’s all about separating the part of the hair at the crown of the head and taking two strands from each side of the temples. Then, with the help of a rubber band, these sections of hair are tied tightly in the back. To hide everything, the hair at the crown of the head is left to fall on top.

10. Small mouth

If we want to enlarge a tiny mouth, the first thing to do is to move away from the volume on the sides of the jaw and neck. What’s more, it would be advisable in this case to opt for short hair that does not go beyond the chin line.

These haircuts, which frame the sides up to the chin, make the jaw look narrower and thinner, visually adjusting better to the proportions of a small mouth.

What is the feature of your face that you like the most? What do you do to make the most of it?


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