A Husband Sacrificed His Entire Life to Care for Wife in a Vegetative State

We cherish this type of love in our lives and won’t settle for anything less. Finding such love is no easy task, but Bruna de Sousa discovered it. Right when life seemed to be against her, her husband stepped up to support and care for her. It’s genuinely inspiring all that he has done!

Their story quickly went viral on social media due to its profoundly touching nature.

This is the story of David César, a compassionate individual from Brazil who has devoted numerous years of his life to caring for his wife, Bruna de Sousa, who is in a vegetative state. Consequently, David lost his job and is now reaching out for support on social media to meet their future expenses.

The tale of love and bravery displayed by this man has touched the hearts of many online as he relentlessly fights for the well-being of the woman he deeply loves.

David César’s life took a drastic turn.

It was back in 2018 when a regular day turned into a life-altering moment for David César and Bruna de Sousa. Bruna suddenly experienced convulsions as they watched TV, leading to cardiac and respiratory arrest. In an interview, David recalled the incident, “In a matter of three minutes, she lost all vital signs. We rushed to the hospital, and after 25 minutes, they managed to resuscitate her, but she had been without oxygen for a long time.”

According to David’s account, Bruna’s condition resulted from a disorder that doesn’t affect the basic functions of the nervous system but does impede her perception of her surroundings. In other words, his beloved wife was left with lasting consequences, existing in a vegetative state.

After Bruna’s hospitalization for nearly two years, David has been dedicating himself entirely to her care at home since June 2019; however, due to his unemployment, he has struggled to fulfill all of her needs, including specialist assistance, medications, food, and other essentials.

Their journey has been filled with challenges and hardships ever since.

The truth is that what David was earning as a driver was not enough to cover his wife’s needs. For this reason, he was forced to start raising funds.

Although many charitable souls took pity on them, Bruna’s expenses kept increasing. David himself acknowledged this at the time: “We haven’t managed to get her retirement yet. But two volunteer lawyers are helping us. We are living on donations.”

Fortunately, after going through so many difficult moments, there was still hope. David learned of treatment in Canada thanks to the information provided by the neurologists. If he could get access to it, Bruna would have to take the medication for three years and combine it with physiotherapy. However, the cost of this option was around $19,000, so the couple had to resort again to raising funds through donations.

Over more than five years, Bruna and David have faced the transformative effects of their life-changing event. David shares precious memories and updates on his wife’s progress through his Instagram account, keeping his followers engaged and informed.

Undoubtedly, their situation is far from easy, but one thing that shines through is David’s immense and unwavering love for Bruna. It’s truly remarkable to witness such loyalty and care from a partner. It prompts us to reflect on our own relationships and consider how many of us can honestly say we have received or would be willing to give the same level of devotion and commitment.


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