Dwayne ’The Rock’ Johnson Cancels a Work Meeting for Quality Time With Daughters

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11 months ago

Dwayne Johnson, the accomplished Hollywood giant, is also known for his loving fatherly nature. Despite his busy schedule, the former professional wrestler often showcases his wholesome father-daughter interactions on social media. Recently, he delighted his 2 little ones by letting them unleash their artistry on his bald head. See the heartwarming photos of Dwayne Johnson’s playful parenting to get an in-depth look at his true family values.

Dwayne accepts a makeover session by his two daughters.

The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, found himself amidst wholesome chaos once again as his 2 youngest daughters, Jasmine (7) and Tiana (4), showcased their creativity, which he then posted on his Instagram. In the video, the 50-year-old actor proudly displayed the makeup skills of his little ones as they applied lipstick to his head and face and gave him a thin black beard.

The Black Adam actor tells the girls in the video, “Make me look good.” His 7-year-old daughter Jasmine responded: “What do you mean pretty? You’re a girl,” as she climbed up behind him and applied the light pink lipstick all over his head. Meanwhile, Tiana, his youngest, was doing his nails.

Despite Dwayne Johnson’s humorous attempts to halt the makeover session, his daughters were unstoppable. The actor tried to end the session with his daughters saying, “I don’t need more makeup, I think I’m good,” but they continued to apply lipstick and paint his nails.

Johnson later canceled a Zoom meeting and spent an hour scrubbing off the lipstick. In the caption of his post, he reflects on the importance of spending time with his daughters and cherishing these moments. “Hey, there will come a time when this stuff won’t matter to you, so sign me up — daddy’s in,” he wrote.

Simone, his elder daughter, follows in Dad’s footsteps.

0000554/Reporter/East News

The wrestling superstar is a loving father to 3 daughters. He shares 2 daughters, Jasmine and Tiana, with his wife, singer Lauren Hashian, and an adult daughter, Simone Johnson, with his ex-wife, film and TV producer Dany Garcia.

Simone made history in 2020 as a fourth-generation WWE athlete, following in the footsteps of her great-grandfather, Peter Maivia, and grandfather, Rocky “Soul Man” Johnson, both WWE Hall of Famers.

The Jumanji actor posted a heartwarming tribute to Simone on Instagram after she signed with WWE, encouraging her to carry their family name with pride and create her own path in the wrestling world. Simone recently announced her professional wrestling name as Ava Raine.

The makeover video gets popular among Dwayne’s celebrity friends, too.

Ashley Landis/Invision/East News

The Rock’s Instagram post of his daughters giving him a head-and-nail makeover sparked a flurry of funny comments, including those from his best friends, actress Nina Dobrev and actor Jason Momoa. Dobrev wrote that Johnson needed a blender with a laughing emoji, while Momoa expressed his love for the video and advised Johnson to cherish these moments because his daughters would be teenagers in no time.

Furthermore, speaking about raising 3 daughters, Johnson explained that his role as a “girl dad” allowed him to become “more tender and gentle.”

Preview photo credit therock / Instagram


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