From His First to Third Daughter, Dwayne Johnson Reflects on His Parenthood Journey: “Being a Dad Is My Priority”

Dwayne Johnson, fondly known as “The Rock,” is not just a renowned actor and accomplished professional wrestler, but also a devoted and loving father. His heartfelt Instagram posts and candid interviews on fatherhood reveal that being a dad holds a special place in his heart and is one of the most cherished roles he plays in life.

He is a father to 3 daughters.

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Dwayne Johnson is a father to Tiana Gia, 4, and Jasmine, 7, who he shares with his wife, singer and songwriter Lauren Hashian; and Simone Alexandra, 21, his daughter with ex-wife Dany Garcia.

He used to be an absent parent.

As a rising star, Johnson was consumed by the demands of his career. “I was absent for a lot of years when my first daughter was growing up in this critical age at this critical time in her life,” he admitted.

Now, he profoundly regrets the missed opportunities and precious moments he can never get back. Determined to make amends, he said, “I made a promise that I would never do business in anything again that took me away from my family.”

He wants to be a better dad than his father.

According to The Rock, he hopes to cultivate a more nurturing relationship with his children than with his father. Though his dad loved him, their relationship was complex and challenging. In raising his daughters, he prioritizes being present, attentive, and actively participating in their upbringing.

This includes accompanying them to school and taking them to soccer. In other words, he wants to be a hands-on parent.

He sets a new standard for being a strong, loving, and nurturing father.

Johnson has always been known for his incredible strength and tough exterior, but his softer side may surprise some. The Rock is not only secure in his masculinity, but he embraces it in unexpected ways.

Without hesitation, he regularly partakes in manicures, tea parties, and dress-up with his littlest daughters. He is proving that being a loving and involved father is not at odds with traditional ideas of masculinity.

His daughters have taught him to be more tender and gentle.

Raising young girls has undoubtedly had a profound impact on him, as he has become more empathetic and sensitive to the needs of others. He advises fathers of daughters to “just be there,” highlighting how having daughters taught him to be “more tender and gentle.”

Being a dad is his number one priority.

He sets an example for other fathers by prioritizing his fatherly duties and encouraging them to do the same. In a caption, he wrote, “I know a lot of you men out there understand me when I say, of all the roles us men play in our daily hustle and grind of life, my favorite one of all is ’dad.’” Or, as he also stated, “My number one priority is my daughters.”

Which celebrity dad (or mama) do you want us to cover next? What are the lessons you’ll take from The Rock and implement in your parenting journey?


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