McDonald’s Launches a $200 Wedding Package That Comes With 100 Boxes of McNuggets and More

4 months ago

McDonald’s is up for catering your wedding! The fast food chain recently announced that, although you still can’t get married inside one of their restaurants, it has a wedding package available for anyone who wants to eat chicken nuggets after saying “I do”. The package offers that and more, but there’s a catch.

The new catering package is only available in one country.

Newlyweds in Jakarta, Indonesia can treat the guests at their wedding to chicken nuggets and chicken burgers. The announcement came on McDonald’s Indonesian Instagram account, with a post that explained that the package includes 100 chicken burgers and 100 boxes of 4-piece chicken nuggets, and costs 3.5 million Indonesian Rupiahs, which is around $230.

“McD’ers, let’s make the wedding moment more memorable with the Wedding Mekdi package,” reads the Instagram post. “Available various other exciting package options with a minimum order of 200 pcs.”

The menu isn’t limited to chicken options though. McDonald’s can also provide food stalls, but at an additional cost. Brides and grooms who want to invite an even bigger number of people are welcomed to do so, as the post mentions the option to increase the size of the food order, so it’s all up to the bride and groom!

McDonald’s has been offering wedding packages since 2011.

In 2011, some McDonald’s restaurants in Hong Kong had available a deal for fully catered events. The basic wedding package cost around $1.300 and could accommodate 50 guests. It included goody-bags stuffed with toys and a pyramid of boxed apple pies which served as the wedding cake, and for an extra $165 the bride could rent a gown of pearly white balloons.

Some weddings are extravagant, and they go far beyond having McDonald’s catering the celebration. In fact, a few celebrity weddings cost millions, with the most expensive wedding having hit the $10 million mark.


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