Meet Lure Hsu, 47, Who’s Become an Internet Sensation Because of Her Never-Fading Looks

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Many people believe that with a healthy spirit, one can just live their lives and forget about their age. And there are folks who appear to be a living testament to this way of thinking.

Today’s featured heroine, Lure Hsu, has her photos floating everywhere around the Internet, and as of late, her Instagram account has amassed over 800,000 admirers. It’s all because of the teenage-like looks that she manages to maintain at 47 years old. Let’s find out more about this woman together.

Lure Hsu appeared under the spotlight accidentally.

Lure Hsu works as an interior designer, but it’s her Instagram activity that has caught everyone’s eye. She’s the sister of actress Sharon Hsu, so she first came onto most people’s radars because of her famous sibling.

Nobody could believe it when Sharon unintentionally revealed Lure’s age in one of her posts. People were stunned to learn that Lure, who looked like a twenty-year-old student, actually celebrated her 47th birthday this August!

Lure is not the only one in the family who is blessed with youthful looks.

Lure Hsu isn’t the only one who shocked millions of people with her teenage-like appearance. The woman, as it turns out, comes from a family whose genes are absolutely smashing the game.

Lure’s 2 sisters are both over 40 years old now, and they definitely look half their age. But the real gem in the family is their mom, who in her late sixties could easily be mistaken for a 30-year-old if not younger. The mom of these youthful siblings used to be a dance teacher and is now gaining public admiration for being so fit.

The age-defying looks of Lure Hsu’s family members have led them to be called “the family of frozen ages” by the media.

The secret to their eternal youth seems very simple.

The biggest question from Lure Hsu’s fans is always the same: “How does she do it? How has the woman managed to look so young? Where is this fountain of youth she is obviously sneaking drinks from?”

Lure revealed her simple beauty routine in an interview: “Moisturizing is so important — in fact, aging, fine lines, and other skin problems, moisturizing can reduce.”

She continued, “In addition, to keep skin healthy, the sun is also very important, but not excessive exposure to it — especially in the summer.” She also always talks about the importance of using sunscreen.

Lure also believes that drinking a lot of water and eating plenty of vegetables help her stay young.

In one of her interviews, Lure said that she always avoids sugary drinks and only drinks water and a morning coffee. She has also cut meat out of her diet.

The rest of Lure Hsu’s family members follow the same routine, and drinking a big glass of lukewarm water every morning seems to be a real family tradition, which is an easy habit to adopt and maintain.

Who is a person that you know that never seems to age? What age do you think you look like to other people?


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