Meet Peggy, the Dog Who Was Crowned UK’s Most Unattractive Pooch, but We Think She’s a Cutie

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While some dogs go viral for their extra fluffy hair or pretty eyes, Peggy has made headlines for being the most unattractive dog in Britain. However, her owners are proud of her achievement and wouldn’t change her for the world.

People hesitated to adopt her.

Peggy’s life hasn’t exactly been easy. The Chinese crested pug mix was the last to be adopted from her accidental litter. Her appearance put people off as, unlike other puppies, she had a droopy tongue and barely any fur.

She finally found a mom who loves her deeply.

It was in 2018 when Holly saw Peggy and fell in love with her, saying, “We loved her the instant we laid eyes...I just felt sorry for her, sat there with no hair and her tongue out...I just felt like no one wanted her.” Thankfully, Peggy has no health issues and can eat and drink just fine with her tongue.

She won the UK’s hunt for the most unattractive dog, but beauty is more profound than one’s appearance.

Holly, a mom of 2, reveals how her eldest initially felt a bit embarrassed of Peggy, but it has gone away since the dog won the contest and became a star. The family entered their dog in the competition when people suggested they do so, telling them they had a good chance of winning.

And they were right. Peggy was chosen as the winner of the contest. While they received hundreds of applications, 7 dogs were selected to compete further. The organizers hosted the contest to “celebrate” such dogs that are often neglected due to their appearance.

Peggy also won people’s hearts online.

People have fallen in love with Peggy in the country and beyond, and she’s become quite a celebrity. “Despite Peggy winning...the UK title, we think she is beautiful both inside and out and wouldn’t change her for the world,” noted Holly adding she’s the most gentle and loving dog one can ask for. It’s inspiring how Peggy went from an unwanted pup to a global sweetheart!

We hope Peggy is living her best life!

Have you ever adopted any pets? We’d love to see their photos!

Preview photo credit ch*g_life_x / Instagram


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