Meet Sarah Nicole Landry, a Mom of 4 Who’s on a Mission to Make All Women Feel Good in Their Own Skin

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Sarah Nicole Landry is a woman who puts her heart and soul into spreading the message of self-love to everyone. This lady is a blogger who owns a wildly successful Instagram page where she writes about her journey to self-love and posts inspirational photos of herself. Outside of this, she’s also a loving wife and mother, and she openly speaks about all struggles of femininity and motherhood. Her special message has reached the hearts of many, and today, we’d love for you to find out more about this inspiring woman.

The way to self-love started with a divorce.

Up until a crucial moment in her life, Sarah had thoroughly curated her Instagram and photos and made sure to mask any physical flaws. The image she created attracted some serious attention, but what people really weren’t able to see was the real Sarah. And the woman was in the middle of a divorce.

She reflects, “I was very thin, and sick, stressed and yet everyone congratulated me on how good I looked. It was a glaring case and eye-opening experience to how much ’thin’ and ’skinny’ are idolized. It became a mental battle when I had to healthily regain, but it helped me grasp that skinny wasn’t happy. Skinny was just a different kind of unhealthy for my body.”

The woman learned the biggest truth in her life accidentally.

Sarah’s story of weight loss turned out to be far from a fairy tale. As she confessed, such stories always start with a sad woman and end with a happy woman. But that was different for her. In the end, she had disordered eating, fatphobia, and more anxiety around her body and her looks than ever before.

The woman recalls that she had to go a long way to change her inner narrative, and, surprisingly, her kids helped her in this. After her first photo shoot, her middle daughter said to her, “Mom, everyone just loves you because you lost weight.” And this was that wake-up call that Sarah needed. Her kids noticed that her validation came from her size, not what kind of person or creative woman she was.

Satisfaction with her body brought her happiness.

Now Sarah, a mother of 4, oozes perfect confidence in her natural and fully unedited photos. She shows off her stretch marks, curves, and cellulite and does it with great pride. She tied the knot with her best friend, Shane, and gets additional confidence for being herself from this truly supportive and loving man.

Speaking about their relationship, Sarah says, “Since we were friends first, he also had a very good snapshot of my life and me as a whole. I was in no mood to fake it with anyone and he was aware of a lot of raw and real aspects of my life, and it was a great foundation for us to build from there!”

Her message to all people is simple yet meaningful.

Sarah’s Instagram page has been a breath of fresh air for many people. She receives tons of comments under her posts daily, and people can’t stop telling her that she’s a person “who saves lives.” Her fans admit that she helps them to see how beautiful their own bodies are and that Sarah taught them to turn their hate into love when it comes to their own bodies.

The woman gives powerful advice to all mothers who struggle to find self-love. She says, “We can’t blanket what self-love means for everyone because we all give and receive love so differently. So listen to yourself in the everyday moments. The moments that feel really good and fulfilling — if you pay attention to what they are, you can do more of them. Likewise for the other way around. When you start to see the things that trigger self-hate, you can begin to remove them from your path. Many times, this applies to who you follow and give power to on social media.”

Do you edit the photos that you post on Facebook or Instagram? How do you feel about your raw and unedited shots?


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