Meet Snowbelle, a Hero Mama of the Animal World That Lived in a Snow Drift With 6 Puppies

4 years ago

There’s nothing mothers won’t do for their kids, and Snowbelle, the brave mom who protected her puppies out in the cold, is the perfect example of this. Her bravery saved the lives of her 6 puppies and her story shows just how strong motherly love is!

At Bright Side, we were truly touched by this story and wanted to share it with you. Spoiler alert: there is a happy ending!

She did everything in her power to save the lives of her pups.

The story of how this dog and her 6 puppies survived in cold northwestern Minnesota is nothing short of extraordinary.

It seems like the mom had to dig a den in the snow to keep her puppies warm. Had it not been for her bravery and smart thinking, her furry family would’ve been in danger.

The dogs were found and brought to a warm shelter.

Things could have gone even worse because she had stopped producing milk due to hunger and cold weather. Fortunately, the freezing dogs were spotted by a family who took them to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue shelter. The staff there said they had no idea how the dogs survived, but everyone was impressed with the mom’s bravery, giving her the name Snowbelle.

The shelter continued the good news by saying that after a few days of warm shelter and good food, Snowbelle started producing a lot of milk for her babies and all was right in the world again!

The dogs found new homes.

Today, her puppies have all grown up and most have found homes. And it looks like Snowbelle, now named Asha, was also adopted into a loving home not so long ago!

Have any of your pets done something incredible or brave? Share your stories with us so we can fall in love with our furry friends even more than we already are!


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