Meet the “Shredded Kendall Jenner,” Female Bodybuilder Reveals How She Earns 5-Figure Paychecks

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Vladislava Galagan’s name has been making waves on the internet due to her remarkable ability to harmonize her captivating beauty with her awe-inspiring physique. This exceptional female bodybuilder actively participates in bodybuilding competitions, earning widespread popularity on social media through her fitness modeling content. Consequently, she now enjoys significant financial success, further breaking gender stereotypes and empowering women across various fields.

It took her 11 years to build her monumental physique.

The 27-year-old fitness model, commenced her fitness journey at the gym eleven years ago, with the goal of sculpting her remarkable physique. In 2018, she embarked on bodybuilding competitions, diligently working to enhance her muscularity to an extraordinary degree. Subsequently, she ventured into the realm of fitness modeling, further establishing her presence in the industry.

She’s known as the Kendall Jenner of body building.

Vladislava Galagan gained a substantial social media following by sharing her training videos and showcasing her modeling portfolio, which led to her being featured on platforms dedicated to muscular women.

Furthermore, as her subscription platforms and social media presence expanded, Vladislava noticed a recurring comment she receives: her resemblance to a ’shredded’ version of Kendall Jenner. The fitness guru acknowledged getting these comments on a daily basis, although she doesn’t necessarily agree. She stated, “I don’t really know how they see it. I guess there are some similarities. It’s not how I brand myself, but they like a mix of my face and my body.”

Vladislava expressed her perspective explaining that she leverages her attractive and muscular image. “I hit the sweet spot with a mix of my face and my body. But I’m not some vanilla bodybuilder — I’m a fitness model that kicks ass,” she proudly stated.

Furthermore, she shared that some people are skeptical of her muscles, assuming they are digitally enhanced because they find it hard to believe that someone who looks like her can possess such strength.

She sticks to healthy eating and consistent fitness routine.

Vladislava has diligently followed a strict diet and workout regimen since her involvement in bodybuilding competitions. Her gym routine consists of attending at least six sessions per week, with each session lasting approximately an hour and a half. In addition, she maintains a protein-rich diet, consuming four meals daily to ensure an intake of over 100g of protein. Her preferred protein sources include beef, eggs, turkey, chicken, and fish.

Her gym schedule entails visiting the gym six days a week, focusing on each muscle group twice a week, and incorporating three cardio sessions into her routine.

What started as a hobby turned into a lucrative career.

Simultaneously, she ventured into fitness modeling, capitalizing on her well-defined physique and contributing to an interest surrounding muscular women. Additionally, she is part of a platform called ’Her Biceps’ which is dedicated to female bodybuilders. “I’m muscular and good-looking, it sells really well,” the model expressed. “I also do arm wrestling videos, people like those,” she went on saying.

Reflecting on her accomplishments, she expressed, “I feel like I won the lottery,” acknowledging the fortunate position she finds herself in by earning five-figure monthly paychecks from her social media platforms.

She’s an inspiration to other women who fight for gender equality.

Today, Vladislava has become a role model for other young women. She’s challenging gender stereotypes and inspiring others who want to pursue success through bodybuilding. Fortunately, many other women are recently breaking down barriers and showing the world how traditional gender roles belong in the past, and how gender equality is the path to a better, brighter future.


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