Breaking Gender Stereotypes: Sabrina, a Pilot, Continues to be Mistaken for a Flight Attendant

year ago

At 22, Sabrina Johnson became a role model for other young women. As a commercial pilot, she’s breaking down gender stereotypes and inspiring others who want to pursue careers in aviation. But not everything is easy, as she’s often mistaken for a flight attendant.

Sabrina Johnson, a young commercial aircraft pilot, is using her TikTok account to educate and inform people about the complexities of flying airplanes. However, it is concerning to hear that she is constantly mistaken for a flight attendant, especially by airport workers who should be familiar with aviation professionals’ different roles and responsibilities.

“For me, it is very frustrating because they work at the airport. They know what the pilots’ uniforms are,” she said in one of her videos.

Johnson has already become a helicopter pilot and flight instructor at just 22 years old. Her dedication and hard work to achieve her dream of flying is truly inspiring.

Unfortunately, she grew up thinking that only men could be in command of an airplane, as this shows how deeply ingrained gender stereotypes and biases can be. But Sabrina’s determination and perseverance are a testament to the fact that anyone, regardless of their gender, can pursue their dreams and succeed in any field they choose.

Sabrina isn’t alone. Check out more stories of people who pursued their dreams despite adversities:


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