15 People Who’ve Proven That You Can Never Dream Too Big

3 years ago

Growing up to become the princess she’s always dreamed of from thinking of castles to making them, there are some people who prove that when it comes to dreaming, the sky isn’t the limit — it’s just the beginning. And it seems that there’s no “deadline” to when to achieve your goals, which has been proven by seniors doing things they’ve wanted to do their entire lives.

Bright Side is proud to share stories of 15 achievers who can inspire you to work on your goals just as hard as they did.

1. From drawing castles to actually building them

2. “9 months ago, I woke up from brain surgery and was paralyzed. Here’s me today lifting weights and being able to kiss my kids.”

3. “My beautiful sister living her dream as Belle in the national traveling tour of Beauty and the Beast

4. What happens when you never give up on your dreams:

5. “154 lb lost — they said it wouldn’t make me happy. They were wrong.”

6. “My book got made into a webtoon that was advertised in Times Square.”

7. “My friend Glen gave up a career in finance to twist balloons. We all thought he was crazy but then I saw his work...”

8. “It took my dad roughly 2.5 years, heart and kidney failure, and a whole lot of small brushes to paint this but he made it.”

9. “Lost 83 lb just in time for Halloween!”

10. “My dad, a retired salesman, pursued his dream and published a book. I’m proud of him.”

11. “I met Brie Larson working the night shift at my local AMC.”

12. “Obsessed with theme parks my whole life, I dreamt of being a ride operator. Despite my wheelchair, I made it.”

13. “My pencil drawing progress over 3 years, 2014 to 2017”

14. “My friend wanted nothing more than to be a firefighter his entire life. His dream recently came true.”

15. “10 years ago, my parents gifted me a sewing machine. Last month I graduated from college as a fashion designer.”

What’s an achievement you’ve recently made that you’re proud of?


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I am 12 and also dream big of having cars,houses etc. I hope by 18-19 I will start to achieve my dreams.

And here's a little note about one certain thing in this article,dunno if I get downvotes but:

#9 is hot


I wish I could become like that woman in #15. Even I want to become a world famous fashion designer........


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