My Boyfriend Went on a Business Trip for a Month, and I’m Overly Happy About It

6 months ago

Having some “me time” can really improve your relationship, although it might not seem like it. Spending time with your partner 24/7 can actually have a negative effect. One of our readers is confused about why she feels so happy when her boyfriend is not around. She’s afraid that it’s a bad sign and that the relationship is doomed.

One of our readers contacted us.

Thank you for reaching out to us. We’d like to share some tips with you.

Realize that it’s okay to have some time for yourself.

It’s healthy to have some space in a relationship occasionally. Don’t feel guilty for wanting to spend some time away from your boyfriend. Both things can exist at the same time. Besides, your boyfriend was gone only for 2 days, so you didn’t have enough time to miss him. You will likely want him back after a week or so. However, if you want your boyfriend to leave to enjoy your life, you might want to reconsider your relationship.

See if there are some hidden issues in your relationship.

You mentioned that your house was perfectly clean and it was one of the things that made you happy. You also said you could do whatever you wanted. Is your house is a mess when your boyfriend around? Maybe he refuses to do the chores and you have to clean everything up after work.

Perhaps he doesn’t approve of your hobbies or laughs at your singing or dancing? Think about why you can’t do whatever you want when your boyfriend is around. There might be some hidden issues in your relationship that you should talk over with your boyfriend.

Be careful.

If you don’t miss him today, it doesn’t mean you won’t want him back in a week. This new environment may seem better at the moment, but in the long run, it might not be what you actually want. It’s okay to enjoy being alone and not wanting to have your boyfriend around.

However, that doesn’t mean you should break up with him because living single is better. Everything has its drawbacks and before making any sudden changes in your life, think them through.

Don’t spend too much time with him.

If you spend all of your time with your significant other, you might lose your sense of self. You might start prioritizing your partner and stop developing your own interests. Besides, you’ll eventually get on each other’s nerves and your relationship will be only worse. Maybe you’re constantly together and it makes you feel like you lack freedom and your boyfriend has some kind of control over you.

It seems like there’s no end to stories about love life that are full of drama. Every case is different and in this article we help our reader who decided to test her boyfriend’s commitment by faking an emergency.

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