My Colleague Told Everyone in the Office That I’m Pregnant, and Even the Boss Knows

2 years ago

For many moms-to-be, sharing the news is one of the most exciting moments of pregnancy. However, when it comes to informing your coworkers and boss, it can be quite a tricky issue. Many women feel nervous about letting everyone at work know that they are expecting, and when rumors start spreading it can turn into a huge stressor.

One Bright Side reader, Kate, found herself in a similar situation. Her colleague told everyone in the office that Kate was pregnant before she could break the news herself. Here’s the message she sent us.

We at Bright Side got together to help Kate to get out from under this tricky situation with her head held high, and here’s what we came up with.

We can only imagine how awful this must feel. You choose the right words and plan for the right time to tell your colleagues and boss that you will soon welcome a child, and then all of a sudden your colleague decides that it is her mission to inform everyone. Ugh... That’s really tough. Of course, it’s better to let the boss be the first to learn the news during a private conversation. But what’s done is done and now you need to make the most out of this situation.

  • Instead of letting the rumors spread on their own with people discussing you behind your back, tell everyone the news yourself. Even though they already know you’re pregnant from Ann, if you make this announcement yourself, you’ll stop the gossip.
  • Next time you hear someone talking about your pregnancy, you can just change the subject and politely remind your colleagues that they should discuss work-related matters instead of personal ones.
  • Talk to Ann and tell her that her actions made you feel uncomfortable (and might even badly affect your career), even if she meant well. A calm and frank conversation can make Ann realize that gossiping is not the best thing to do in the workplace.
  • If after this honest conversation you hear Ann gossiping again, you can try a little trick. When you need to make an official announcement for a group of colleagues, come up to Ann and say something like, “I know that you are the best when it comes to making everyone aware of the news in our office, so could you please tell others that...” This will probably make her realize that she is perceived as a gossiper by her colleagues.
  • Talk to your boss one-on-one. Even though they know the news already, there is a bunch of detail you still need to discuss. Plan your conversation in advance and keep it brief and simple. Start by saying that you didn’t want your boss to learn the news this way, and you were planning to inform them when the time was right. Then you can go on discussing your working schedule, maternity leave, and things like that.

We hope that this helps you to feel more comfortable and less stressed at your workplace.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? What is the best way to deal with office gossip, in your opinion?

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