An Artist Turns Cartoon Characters Into Real-Life People, and We Want to See Remakes ASAP

2 years ago

Since 2008, Turkish character artist Hossein Diba has been dabbling with 3-D models to give some of the most popular fictional personas stunningly realistic facial features. And his amazing work didn’t go unnoticed, not from us and definitely not from his 200,000 followers on Instagram.

We at Bright Side find Diba’s work very impressive, which is why we decided to share 15 pics of our favorite cartoon characters with you.

1. Aladdin

2. Rick

3. Homer Simpson

4. Charlie Brown

5. Jessie

6. Jasmine

7. Mr. Potato Head

8. Olive Oyl

9. Joe Gardner

10. Sheriff Woody

11. The Genie

12. Super Mario

13. Bart Simpson

14. Buzz Lightyear

15. Lisa Simpson

Who’s your favorite character? Which one do you think was most realistically portrayed?


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