I Got Pregnant, My Husband Changed His Mind and Doesn’t Want Kids Now

3 weeks ago

Our reader believed she had it all — a loving husband, a promising future, and the excitement of motherhood. However, as life often proves, fairy tales can shatter in the most unexpected ways. Her husband showed his true colors once she got pregnant. It’s not how our reader envisioned her future, but it’s the harsh reality she has to face.

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Thank you for getting in touch with us. We’re really sorry that you’re dealing with this situation right now, and we’re here to support you. Here are some tips that might help you figure out what to do next.

Consider getting a divorce.

It’s understandable why you don’t want to be a single mother, but it’s important to consider whether staying in an unhappy relationship is truly beneficial for you and your child. Hiding your own unhappiness can lead to emotional struggles and ultimately impact your overall well-being.

Prioritizing your own happiness, even if it means raising your child without their father, can create a healthier environment for both you and your child in the long run.

Try therapy.

If you think you can save the marriage, you might try going to therapy with your husband. Sometimes, relationship problems stem from deeper issues such as unresolved conflicts, past traumas or insecurities. A therapist can help you work through them in a supportive and non-judgmental way. Rebuilding trust is challenging, but therapy can make this process easier.

Check other options.

If you decide to divorce, it doesn’t mean you’ll be on your own completely. There are plenty of ways to get support as a single parent. You can hire a nanny to help with childcare, lean on your friends and family, or work out a shared parenting arrangement with your husband. There are lots of options available, so you don’t have to feel like you’re facing everything alone.

Take care of yourself.

It’s normal to feel hurt and let down by what your husband did. Nevertheless, try to shift your focus onto creating a brighter future for both you and your little one. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, set some goals for yourself, and start taking steps to shape the life you want.

Take good care of yourself and your baby — that means staying healthy, getting the medical support you need during your pregnancy, and making sure you’re both doing okay.

Negative experiences in a relationship can teach us a lot of things. In this article, our reader is grateful that her boyfriend broke up with her and kicked her out. It took her heartbreak to realize she deserved way better.

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It's so sad that some relationships are not built with trust you know, we must know that, accordingly from the Bible, love is the fulfilling of the law, if you say I love you to someone (relationship), as friends, family, it must be shown by fulfilling that law, by doings, etc, not being like fig fruit, if you look out side of it, it looks attractive, and good to eat, but if you bite it inside you can see many ants, even more insects, some relationships are like prisons that you can not come out of,


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