My Wife Seriously Wants to Give Up Our 2 Daughters for Adoption, and the Reasons Are Beyond the Common Sense

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5 months ago

When a happy couple decides to have kids, it’s natural that they plan to raise them in love and care. But our today’s hero is a man, who faced the toughest of situations in his own family. His two small daughters now may suffer from his wife’s heartless decision. The man took to Reddit with an emotional post, and his story shook many people.

The life of the man and his wife was initially full of happiness.

A desperate man came to Reddit with his story, and many users couldn’t keep their emotions to themselves after reading it. He preferred to use a throwaway account because he used to be pretty active in some other Reddit subs and didn’t want the story to be associated with his main account.

He started his story saying that he and his wife have been together since college and got married a little while after she graduated. When they first got together, she told him she didn’t really like kids. The man doesn’t deny that he was a little disappointed, but at the same time he didn’t care too much about it. At that time, he confessed, he didn’t feel very strongly about it either way. They were very in love and things were perfect for a good while.

Then, his wife’s birth control failed, it happened 6 years ago. The man told his wife that he would support whatever choice she made. His wife had been hesitating for some time, but finally decided to give birth, and the spouses became loving and enthusiastic parents.

Later on down the road, his wife decided she wanted another child, and so they had their second daughter. At the moment of posting, the kids were five and three years old, and the man wrote they were absolutely perfect. They were both very well-behaved and ahead of the curve for kids their ages.

Man’s wife was a caring mom and dedicated all her time to her kids.

The man goes on with his story, mentioning that his wife is a stay-at-home mother. He explained that his job is very demanding, and he is out of town for weeklong stretches at a time once a month, and then 9-6 the rest of the month. He’s had this schedule since they were married, basically. He added that he makes good money, in the low six figures, and they’ve never had any kind of financial struggles.

For the past few months, the man started noticing that something was up with his wife. She has obviously been the primary caretaker of their daughters, but recently she’s been completely hands-off when the man was at home. He explained that he didn’t mind spending the extra time with his daughters taking care of them, but it’s more than that.

She would completely ignore them while he was around. If they asked her for anything, all she told them was, “Go ask Daddy” and then she would go in their bedroom and lock the door to get away from them. The man had been asking her if she’s alright, and she had been insisting everything was fine until one night.

One evening turned the man’s life upside down.

The man goes on, revealing the most disturbing details of the whole story. One night, after they put the kids to bed, she came to him and sat him down at the table. She started talking about fun things they had done right after they got married, what a great adventure everything had been, just generally reminiscing. The man admits that she was being sweet and funny and loving, and his guard was down. She said, “Back before we had the girls, we could do anything we wanted. I wish we could go back to that.”

The man then asked her what she meant. After much prodding, she admitted that she regretted having kids. The man replied that there were times when he felt overwhelmed too, but that he would always love their daughters. She got quiet. She mumbled something, and he asked her to say it again. She yelled, “I DON’T LOVE THEM” and then started sobbing.

Husband’s reaction was just a huge shock. He sat there with his mouth hanging open. She composed herself and then started talking again. She was saying how she had been looking into adoption agencies and foster care. She had contacted one agency already. She was making plans to give away their kids. He continued to listen, too dumbfounded to say a word, as she babbled on about how amazing it’s going to be to have their lives back, how great their relationship would be when they don’t have kids anymore.

Now, the husband is totally on the crossroads.

The man now thinks he doesn’t have so many options: start calling lawyers or start calling mental health professionals. Maybe both. He doesn’t know if his wife is having some kind of psychotic delusion or if she’s just that awful of a person.

He admitted that he really doesn’t want to go back home to her now. Ever. He totally believes divorce is the best choice, but he can’t take care of his kids on his own. He’s still hesitating if he should just call his wife or proceed with the divorce papers immediately.

And here’s yet another shocking family story, where a man discovered that the majority of his kids weren’t actually his.

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