Parents Spending Time Away From Their Kids Is Something That May Save Millions of Marriages

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4 years ago

When partners assume their roles as parents, they may forget about taking care of each other and paying attention to one another. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can still be that romantic couple that you used to be. However, it can be hard to leave your children with a relative or a nanny because you know your child better than anyone, and you’re worried they won’t manage without you.

Still, we at Bright Side think that it’s really worth it to take some time away from your kids and spend it alone with your husband or wife from time to time, and here’s why!

You’re reminded that you’re more than a parent.

If you spend most of your time with your kids and hear the words “mom” or “dad” 100 times a day, you get used to being in this role. You don’t hear your real name often and you might start to slowly forget about yourself as an individual and as a personality, which is the reason you and your partner fell in love with each other. Spending time away from your kids can remind you that you’re so much more than a mother or a father and that you deserve to have a relationship and to do things just for yourself.

It allows you to grow in your relationship.

When kids come first in your marriage, it might feel like the relationship with your partner was put on pause if it’s not already on the rocks. Taking time away from the kids gives you an opportunity to resume your relationship and to grow as partners. Even if you go through some ups and downs, it means your love is alive and that you can still see that person you fell in love with.

Apart from that, it allows you to create new experiences and memories together so that your relationship grows with you, and it can be slightly separate from your family life.

You make your children understand that your marriage is important.

When all you do is take care of your kids 24/7, they might start to think the world revolves around them. So when you finally do have that free time to spend with your husband or wife, your children might simply not let you do that because they’re not used to it.

If you deliberately carve out some time for yourself and your loved one, and if you do it regularly, it can send your kids a message that their mom and dad need and actually deserve to spend time alone together, and it can be easier for you to do it more often.

It’s a way to show love to your partner.

If you’re always busy with kids, it means a lot if you decide to find some time to spend alone with your partner. It means that you actually have put a lot of thought and effort into deciding that it’s time to put your relationship over your children, even if not for long, and to plan the occasion. When your partner sees that, they feel you still care about them.

How often do you spend time alone with your wife or husband away from the kids? Do you notice a difference when you can’t find the time to do this? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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Not a parent yet but I do believe parents spend too much time with their kids and forget they also need time for themselves. It's basic logic though


My son is just 5 but still, my husband and I find time for ourselves. In order for our relationship to stay alive, we need our time alone as well. We usually just go to dinner or to the movies


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