Paris Hilton Reveals She Started Getting Facials When She Was 8

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Paris Hilton is known for her natural and dedicated approach to beauty and skincare. Unlike many celebrities, she has never used Botox and attributes her timeless beauty to a routine she started at the age of 8. Her strong dedication to avoiding cosmetic procedures and the significant impact of her early skincare routine contribute to her lasting, natural beauty.

She’s been passionate about skincare since young age.

Paris Hilton’s commitment to skincare started shaping her perspective well before she became a celebrity. She started using skincare products at the age of 8, guided by her mother, who introduced her to different serums and eye creams. Hilton has maintained a dedicated skincare routine since childhood, emphasizing the importance of proper practices in her daily life. She attributes her all-natural beauty to the careful consideration given to her skincare routine.

She’s never had botox.

While many of her friends have turned to Botox and fillers since their 20s, Paris Hilton firmly states that she has never opted for any cosmetic surgery and is content with her choice. The socialite has a sophisticated beauty routine and credits her ageless appearance entirely to it.

She follows a high-tech skincare regimen and believes using lights and electricity in her beauty routine helps her look as youthful as in her 20s. Hilton prefers to combine natural practices with advanced technology, avoiding cosmetic procedures. Her commitment highlights a complete approach to keeping up her youthful look.

She admits she loves beauty gadgets.

Paris Hilton, despite her ability to afford high-end beauty salons, finds joy in personally caring for her skin. Her passion for skincare extends to a comprehensive routine, incorporating multiple steps, various products, and beauty gadgets. Hilton consistently cleanses and applies a facemask, with a particular affinity for her LED light mask, which she believes boosts the effectiveness of her skincare products. Her hands-on approach to beauty highlights a genuine and invested interest in her skincare routine.

She gives her skin a break from makeup.

Going without makeup allows your skin to “breathe,” enabling it to recalibrate in response to various external factors like humidity and stress levels. When covered in makeup, your skin may adjust its sebum and oil production, as well as its natural hydrators, leading to potential breakouts. A layer of makeup can stimulate increased oil production, contributing to clogged pores and breakouts over time.

Opting for a makeup-free approach allows your skin to better adapt and maintain a healthier complexion. Hilton shares that when she’s not working, she likes to be natural and wear no makeup to allow her skin to rest.

She believes beauty comes from within.

Paris Hilton believes that the key to true beauty lies in focusing on internal well-being. She emphasizes that no matter how many beauty products one uses, skin health is a reflection of overall health. Signs of aging and inflammation are often linked to inadequate nutrition.

Hilton personally maintains a healthy diet and follows her doctor’s recommended supplements, resulting in her feeling better than ever. Her approach highlights the significance of holistic health for enduring beauty.

Paris Hilton, at 42, recently began a new chapter as a mom to two babies, challenging traditional family timelines. This choice sparks discussions on the benefits of having children later in life. Many now believe that waiting provides individuals with more life experiences, stability, and self-awareness, better preparing them for parenthood’s joys.


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