Paris Hilton Shares How Having Children Reshaped Her Life

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7 months ago

Paris Hilton, the famous socialite and businesswoman, is starting a new chapter at 42 as a mom to not one, but two babies. Her decision challenges the usual timeline for having kids and brings attention to the idea that having children later in life might have special benefits. As Hilton happily goes through the experience of raising her little ones, it sparks conversations about how we think about planning a family. Many now believe that waiting until later provides people with more life experiences, stability, and a clearer understanding of themselves, making them more ready to enjoy the happiness of being parents.

She feels she became a mother at the right time.

Paris Hilton, aged 42, and her husband Carter Reum happily welcomed their baby boy, Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum, in January. The entrepreneur joyfully expressed her excitement about her “little angel” and how the baby has brought positive changes to her life. As a new mom, Hilton openly shares her deep love for her baby, describing the overwhelming sense of fullness in her heart. With her son around, she feels a new sense of completeness in her life. Paris Hilton cherishes this as a deeply meaningful and incredibly fulfilling chapter in her life, filled with profound emotion and joy.

Motherhood has transformed her.

Paris Hilton shared that becoming a mom has changed her a lot. She sees it as a new chapter in her life, and the name Phoenix represents transformation and personal growth she never thought possible. She highlights how being a mom profoundly changes things, making the heart grow in unexpected ways. When a little bundle of joy comes into your life, it touches every part of it, giving her a better understanding of other parents. In these moments, Hilton feels a connection to the journey of parenthood that many others have experienced.

She chose to protect her privacy.

The star says that after being in the public eye for a long time, she wanted some privacy for these special moments. What’s surprising is that even her mom and sister only found out about the baby boy after he was born. Hilton explains that she has given her whole life to the public, so keeping this part private is really important to her. This is a big change for her because, for the first time, something is just for her and not in the public eye. Keeping this experience a secret means a lot to Hilton on a personal level.

She kept her daughter a secret, too.

On November 24, 2023, Paris Hilton had an unexpected Thanksgiving announcement: the arrival of her daughter, whom she named London. Hilton shared this news on her Instagram, posting a photo of a pink outfit with a Peter Pan collar, cozy bottoms, and built-in feet. Accompanying the snapshot was the caption, “Thankful for my baby girl🥹🩷👶🏼.”

The star also made the announcement on Thanksgiving through a TikTok post. In the video, Hilton is visible posing questions to her niece and nephew, “You guys excited for your new cousin?”
“You have two babies?” asked her nephew in response. “I have two babies,” confirmed Hilton.

She prioritizes her family over career.

Paris mentioned that her priorities have changed a lot. She’s turning down many offers because her family is more important to her now. She’s made adjustments by setting up her podcasting and recording studios at home to handle work. When it comes to photo shoots and interviews, she tries to do them at home as often as she can. This allows her to easily go in and out of her baby’s room all day because she’s really obsessed with him and wants to look at him all the time.

Paris Hilton became a mom after 40, and more women are also deciding to have children later. While having kids later may seem hard, it has its own advantages. With a stable career and a better understanding of life goals, people are more ready for the challenges of parenting.

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Motherhood is the best is so many ways. Its something you don't understand unless you live it. I was a new momma later in life (35) and I've loved every minute of the past 3years. I wouldn't have been the same as a young momma for sure.


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