Pesky Mosquitoes Won’t Burden You Anymore If You Lure Dragonflies Into Your Garden

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2 years ago

Buzzing, greedy, annoying mosquitoes can easily spoil anyone’s warm evening outside. Luckily, there’s an easy solution provided by nature itself: dragonflies. These colorful insects can eat up to 100 mosquitoes a day!

Bright Side has created a list of flowers that are dragonflies’ favorites. Planting them in your garden can easily attract these insects and keep those nasty mosquitoes under control!

1. Black-eyed Susan

Even an inexperienced gardener shouldn’t have problems growing these radiant flowers. They’re perfect for countries with a warm climate and can adapt to almost any soil type. All you need to do is plant them in a place where flowers can get a lot of sunlight and water them regularly.

2. Meadow sage

Here’s another easy-to-grow flower that not only can attract dragonflies but other small insects to your garden as well. Meadow sage doesn’t need much watering to keep blooming, which makes it a perfect plant for dry areas. In addition, its soft purple color gives your garden a very lovely look.

3. Yarrow white wildflower

Yarrows were widely used as a backyard medicine plant in the past for wounds and nosebleed treatments. But you can use them to invite dragonflies! Their big flowerheads give a pleasant aroma and are also an important nectar source for pollinators. After the season is done, you can dry its flowers and use them in arrangements.

4. Joe-Pye weed

Joe-Pye weeds feel good both in the sun and in partial shade. Their messy flowerheads will also attract butterflies and bees to your place. They also reseed easily so you need to control their growth from time to time. At the end of the summer season, dried Joe-Pye flowers can make good tea.

5. Borage

Borage can last the whole summer season up until it’s frosty out. It’s an unpretentious flower, isn’t scared of a drought, and is self-seeding. Also, it has a fresh cucumber flower and can be added to yogurt, cream cheese, or even a salad.

6. Echinacea (coneflower)

The coneflower is a perennial plant that thrives in any garden and in any climate. Though they grow slowly, they can give your garden an unforgettable explosion of color as you can grow different types of echinacea at once in yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, burgundy and white. Moreover, they look good in a bouquet.

7. Arrowhead (Sagittaria latifolia)

For more experienced gardeners who have a pond, there are some water flowers that are just as attractive for dragonflies as soil flowers. Arrowheads are an aquatic perennial that slowly form a colony. Their gentle white petals and yellow center can’t leave anyone feeling indifferent!

8. Water lily (Nymphaea)

Water lilies feel good in a pond of any size or even in a tub on your patio. These beautiful water-floating flowers are dragonflies’ favorite. To grow them, you need to put pots beneath the water and the plant will send up its stems.

9. Water horsetail (Equisetum fluviatile)

Water horsetail is a common plant near swamps and various wet areas. It has no flowers or regular leaves but rather, stick stems. It can give a beautiful dark green color to your pond while dragonflies use them during both nymph and adult stages.

10. Pickerel rush

Pickerel rush has one shoot with lots of small purple flowers on top of it. Its leaves are big, heart-shaped, and have a glossy finish to them. This perennial plant can grow in both shallow and deep ponds (up to 1 meter). Dragonflies love it!

Do you know more ways to get rid of mosquitoes and other nasty insects? Let’s share our tricks in the comments!


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