Proud Grandma Demi Moore and Family Reveal Rumer Willis’ Home Delivery in 10+ Emotional Pictures

The Willis/Moore blended family had a truly special Mother’s Day this year. Rumer Willis recently welcomed her daughter, Louetta Isley Thomas Willis, into the world, in a beautiful home birth joined by her tribe. As they gathered together to celebrate the mothers in their lives, the women of the family shared rare and really personal snaps of the birth experience. The emotional images are a testament to the incredible bond that exists between these family members and will leave you feeling inspired and moved.

Home births are safe among women with low-risk pregnancies.

Despite their popularity, home births still account for only 1.26% of all births in the US. Many people are drawn to it because of wanting to give birth in a familiar place, and having more control over the birthing process; cultural or religious controls also can play a part. Moreover, in some areas, home births are more financially convenient options compared to hospital births.

Rumer Willis always intended to have an at-home, unmedicated birth, just like her mother. In her memoir, Demi Moore shared that she chose to give birth to all 3 daughters naturally, because “I wanted to feel every sensation, to be completely present and conscious for every moment of the delivery, no matter how painful.”

It takes a village to raise a child, and, luckily, the Willis and Demi Moore blended family is more than equipped to take on this task.

When she gave birth, Rumer was surrounded by her mother and her sisters. They recently shared some very personal stills taken during the magical moment. Each one of them paid tribute to the really special women and mothers in their family and witnessing it made us appreciate the strong women in our lives even more than before.

Demi Moore, 60, shared her first picture holding her granddaughter, Louetta, captioning the post “the circle of life”, referring to how a few decades ago she gave birth to her oldest, and now she gets to hug Rumer’s firstborn. Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma Heming, commented, saying “Oh, that’s beautiful!”.

“Bursting with love”, Scout LaRue Willis wished Rumer her first happy Mother’s Day, sharing that “watching my sister literally open up and become a portal to heaven” was the most profound experience. She thanked her sister for making her newest, tiny best friend — baby Louetta Isley Thomas Willis. She added that seeing their mother, Demi, showing her the ropes and guiding her through the first weeks of motherhood was one of the most beautiful things she’s ever seen.

The Willis sisters, Tallulah, Scout and Rumer

For Rumer Willis, the joy of having become a mother, with her family’s unconditional support is the greatest gift she could ever ask for.

Rumer Willis penned a letter to her "precious daughter, Louetta, expressing how much she had waited and dreamt of her daughter’s arrival and how much joy she has brought into her life. “I hope you never stop wanting to sleep next to me or take baths with me,” she shared, adding that “you are the most beautiful creature I have ever met. I still wake up every morning and can’t believe you are mine.”

The new mother explained that every moment and contraction and every bit of the pain of birth was worth it and that she’d do it all over again, a thousand times over, if it means she gets to spend one second with Louetta.

Rumer and her boyfriend, Derek

She thanked her partner, Derek for giving her the gift of this beautiful soul and for “catching our girl as she came into the world and for holding such a beautiful space for me as I brought her into the world.”

Rumer is grateful “To my sisters, my best friends, my partners — to have you there to share at the moment that I was able to bring my girl into the world is a moment I will never forget. You have watched and supported me on the journey and know what it meant to bring another precious girl into our lineage. I love you my girl you are the greatest joy and gift of my life.”

While many celebrities choose an at-home delivery, the entire experience can be life-changing, for mothers, fathers, and family members. Some parents believe that children should not watch such an event, but a notable example of this exception is actress Hilary Duff, who wanted her 9-year-old son to watch her give birth, and she revealed the reason behind it.


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