Psychologists Share 16 Tricks That’ll Help You Read People Like a Pro

4 years ago

When talking to a person, we get only 30% of all the information through their words — all the rest of the info can be revealed in their movements, tone of voice, and other non-verbal means of communication. So if you want to know what your friends are actually feeling at any given moment, it’s better to watch their faces — try to be extra attentive and you’ll learn a lot of new things about them.

Bright Side has prepared a short guide on how to “read” people’s faces.


  • Raised and curved eyebrows may mean that a person is surprised. And the more surprised they are, the higher their eyebrows lift. Raising the eyebrows is also a sign of openness and attraction to you.
  • Eyebrows that are lowered and drawn together usually symbolize anger. As a rule, you’ll also see vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows.
  • Inner corners of eyebrows that are drawn together and upward indicate sadness.


  • Looking up and to the right may indicate that a person is trying to use their imagination or that they’re lying.
  • Looking up and to the left means that a person is remembering or recalling something.
  • Looking down may indicate that a person is embarrassed, nervous, or has poor self-esteem. Sometimes it’s a sign of feeling guilty.
  • If a person’s eyes quickly dart from side to side, it means that they feel nervous or uncomfortable around you.
  • Dilated pupils usually indicate fear or that a person is interested or in love with you.
  • On the contrary, if a person’s pupils get very small, almost like beads, it may mean they’re angry.
  • If you see crow’s feet at the outside corners of somebody’s eyes, it means that they’re truly laughing as these lines symbolize joy.


  • Pursed lips may signal some negative emotions like anger, contempt, frustration, or disapproval.
  • If someone is biting their lips, they’re trying to soothe themselves because they’re feeling anxious.
  • If one side of the mouth is raised, it may reveal contempt or hate.
  • Corners of the lips that are drawn downward signify sadness.


  • Touching the neck may mean that a person is trying to protect themselves when feeling discomfort.
  • Touching the nose is a signal that a person is lying.

Do you have your own tips on how to “read” people’s faces? Share them with us in the comments!


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When someone repeats the question you've asked them, almost like they're stalling for time to try to lie


1. When i raised and curved eyebrows because i wanna exercise my eyebrows,making silly face

2 n 3. I see people do that. I thinks he/she express 'what wrong with you.

4. When i want day dreaming,lying,talk back to the other person. But sometime when i lying, i made my poker face so other people can't read my mind.

5. True

6. True. And i looking down because i a bit clumsy,so i don' t want to fall again. And because this people are 'HENTAI' so i looking down on the floor n bcause i try to avoid awkward situation.

7. That true n bcause i do that sometimes.

N i try to make silly faces. Or i feel some other people staring to me.


1. i do that all the time bcause my crooked teeth n i don't want to smile when i not happy. I will smile when i happy.

2. When i bitting my lips,some other people

a really uncomfortable when i do that. Some people thinks it DIRTY N DIGUSTING.

3. Bcause i want to try smile like that. I look weird,funny n ugly. Sometimes i do that to exercise my face.


1. True sometimes

2. I don' know


About looking right or left: it depends. Some people are "reversed", which means they look left when they lie/make something up and look right when they remember something. So it's important to first find out this information about the person before taking any conclusions.


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