Rebel Wilson Is Celebrating Her 43rd Birthday and Sharing Her Easy-to-Follow Self-Care Tips

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Rebel Wilson has recently made headlines for her personal life. She welcomed her first child into the world and got engaged to her girlfriend Ramona Agruma. Unlike many celebrities who feel pressure to look perfect, Rebel has been open and honest about her journey and has spoken out about the importance of self-love and acceptance. She embraces aging and acknowledges that it’s okay to love yourself at any size.

She uses budget-friendly beauty tools.

Although some high-end tools may be well-made and effective, there are many affordable options that can work just as well. It might seem that the most expensive beauty tools are always the best, but Wilson believes that’s not necessarily the case.

“I just bought an ice roller from Amazon for 20 bucks. You use it, especially under the eyes and on the jawline, and it just kind of really snatches everything first thing in the morning before you put your makeup on. I mainly only do it for filming days. They’re like the jade rollers, but I kind of like the ice element of this one because It just depuffs your face,” she said.

She does her makeup in 5 minutes.

When she doesn’t have a team of professionals to do her makeup, the Pitch Perfect actress prefers to take matters into her own hands. “I definitely have my little essentials that I use if I have to quickly look presentable. I always use a waterproof mascara because when I smile, my eyes crinkle quite a bit, so I always use waterproof so mascara doesn’t get all over my lids,” she shared.

She follows a simple skincare routine.

Too much of a good thing can definitely be a bad thing when it comes to skincare. For example, over-exfoliating can damage your skin’s natural protective barrier, leaving it vulnerable to irritation and breakouts. Wilson admits that growing up, she didn’t know much about skincare and now prefers to keep it simple. “I really grew up having zero beauty routine and zero beauty knowledge,” she said.

“Normally, in the morning, I just cleanse with something simple. And then I’ll always apply a sunscreen because I’m so fair, but I love being out in the sun. Wearing sunscreen every single day is something that’s kind of been ingrained in me as an Australian. At night, it’s pretty much the same stuff except if it’s been a long day and I have to get a lot of makeup off from work,” she added.

She makes sure to drink enough water.

Staying hydrated might prevent any annoying itchiness, fight acne, and even help your skin stay wrinkle-free for longer. Wilson shared that she likes to start her day with a couple of bottles of water. “Another thing I’ve been trying to do is to drink 2 bottles of water before I do anything else each morning. It can take me a while, but I do think it helps,” she said.

She’s excited about being in her 40s.

The pressure to look ageless is intense for celebrities, and it can take a toll on their mental health and self-esteem. Wilson, on the contrary, embraces her fine lines and wrinkles.

“You step into your own power. You’re experienced enough, but you’re still young enough to crush it, and now you know how to take the right steps after going through all the struggles of your 20s and 30s. And so, it’s kind of really cool being in my 40s. I just feel like I know myself way more—what I deserve and what I am worthy of,” she shared.


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