Reddit Users Share Their Paintings, and They’re So Good They Could Belong to the Louvre

4 years ago

When was the last time you took a brush, some paints, and paper and created a masterpiece? If it was so long ago that you can’t remember, it’s probably time to bring art and creativity back into your life. Redditors who are fond of painting and drawing will help you find your inspiration and fight the fear of a blank canvas by showing you their mind-blowing work.

Here at Bright Side we’ve looked through the Reddit threads in search of the most prominent artwork to inspire you, and here’s our collection. Enjoy!

“Last time I painted Einstein. This time I celebrated Marie Curie with an oil portrait!”

“My mom painted dementia.”

“2 years and one baby later, my husband finally finished his massive hidden object tortoise.”

“My dad, the artist. Going through a midlife crisis, he decided to switch things up with his painting style.”

“My latest oil painting. I’m obsessed with texture, so I end up going through a lot of paint!”

“My husband entered his first art competition and won second place in people’s choice. I’m so very proud!”

“The latest seascape oil painting I did”

“I painted this 8 years ago, and today it finally appeared on a ’Magic: the Gathering’ card.”

“One of my grandma’s many paintings”

“Self-portrait, oil on canvas”

“30-minute Bison I painted for a competition over this last weekend”

“My improvement after 2 years of self-taught painting practice”

“My mom has been through a lot the past few years and started painting again as an outlet! Look at how amazing this is!”

“My oil painting, Starry Starry Morning

“I painted how I remember carefree summers at my grandparents when I was a kid.”

“Just finished this painting I call Fishing Trip.”

“I did an oil painting of a dog, I hope you enjoy.”

Dark Souls painting”

“My wife and I went swimming with turtles on our honeymoon, so I painted her this for our first anniversary.”

“Thank you Reddit for making my dreams of becoming a full-time artist a reality, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Which paintings from our collection did you like the most? Do you paint or draw? Feel free to share your masterpieces in the comments!

Preview photo credit Camjilla / Reddit


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