“I Prefer 43 to 25,” Reese Witherspoon Reveals Her Secret to Aging Gracefully and Who Helped Her Along the Way

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Reese Witherspoon is aging just like the rest of us, despite the fact that she may still look exactly the same as she did in Big Little Lies, and what’s more important here is that she likes it. She shared that she consults her mother and grandmother for suggestions on how to age gracefully. And it looks like she’s on the right path. Let’s see what she has to say about aging.

Aging naturally is what she wants.

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Witherspoon was open in an interview on the surprising advantages of becoming older. “I’m 45. I know who I want to spend time with and who I don’t,” she explained, and that is one benefit of aging. As she says, “It just clears out so much space.”

For Witherspoon, age brings confidence.

Witherspoon’s age gives her the knowledge and assurance that younger people frequently lack. “I have a point of view because I’ve been on this planet for 43 years, and I didn’t feel that same way when I was 25. I didn’t have the same things to say,” she stated in 2019.

She isn’t afraid of grey hair and everything age brings along the way.

Witherspoon continued saying that she’s had a lot of experiences, and that she can talk with thoughtfulness about the improvements she’d like to see in the world. “I just feel like I earned that gray hair and my fine lines. I like ‘em. I so prefer 43 to 25.”

She now encourages other women to embrace their age.

In one of her interviews, Reese shared that the most important thing she wants women to know is that it’s about being the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. And that women should be investing in themselves and really carving out some time to care for their skin and themselves. “It’s so important.”

Watching her mother get ready in the morning was how Reese first learned about makeup and beauty.

She explained: “I just thought the ritual of preparing herself for the day and presenting her best self to the world was a big part of her self-esteem. So I think that’s where I learned my love of beauty and skincare.” “I was lucky to have women in my life who loved aging and getting older — like my mother and grandmother.”

Reese admitted that she is now learning from her own 22-year-old daughter Ava. This is some Gen-Z Power!

She also shares her secret.

She shares that her daughter knows a lot about skincare and make-up, which is why she constantly learns a lot from her. “We do talk about sunscreen a lot too. Whatever you do for your skin in your early 20s is really going to show up later in life. So sunscreen twice a day is a really important part of our routine.”

Which Reese movie do you like the most? Do you agree with her? How do you embrace your age? Share your tips in the comments!

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