Robert De Niro, 80, and Mini-Me Daughter Sparkle in Sweet Family Portrait

2 months ago

Robert De Niro is a lucky dad of 7 and together with his partner, Tiffany Chen, they welcomed his youngest daughter last year. While they kept the news to themselves, once it became public, it started waves of headlines everywhere — something that did not surprise De Niro at all. The actor recently shared the most adorable picture of himself and his daughter, Gia, and their joy is contagious!

Born on April 6th 2023, De Niro’s and Chen’s daughter’s full name is Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro. The Taxi Driver actor is head over heels in love over his now 10-month-old baby girl. He shared, “She’s such an adorable baby. So sweet. When I look at her, everything else goes away. So, it’s a great joy and relief to just be with her in the moment.”

De Niro revealed that his other 6 kids from previous relationships can’t get enough of Gia. His grandkids — who are about to be teenagers — and Gia is already their auntie, enjoy her company. The actor’s gushes over the family gatherings and seeing them all together is the most important thing for him.

When asked what it takes to be a good father, De Niro said that he sometimes thinks that people don’t really know what being a good father is. He then added, “Well, they do. You know you have your responsibility,” and that fatherhood is a mystery, mixed with a lot of excitement. “But it’s scary, and you do your best,” the actor shared.

In a previous interview, Robert De Niro shared that welcoming their daughter Gia wasn’t a surprise pregnancy, but it was deliberately planned. To find out more about De Niro’s 7 kids and more details about their youngest, check out this curious article, full of insider scoops.

Preview photo credit Courtesy of De Niro


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