Robert De Niro Reveals He Doesn’t “Do the Heavy Lifting” Raising Baby Gia

8 months ago

In April, Robert De Niro delightedly shared the news of his daughter’s birth during a TV appearance, introducing her with the name Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro. In a heartwarming moment, an endearing snapshot of the newborn baby girl was unveiled, adding an extra layer of joy to the announcement.

Sharing insights about his family dynamics.

When asked how his approach to parenting has evolved throughout the years, De Niro, a father of seven, emphasized the growth of his awareness and understanding. He explained that with age comes a deeper comprehension of various aspects of life, including family dynamics. He acknowledged the inevitability of learning from these experiences and developing effective strategies to navigate them.

During the interview, De Niro also mentioned that he had learned about fellow actor Al Pacino recently becoming a father, despite being a few years older than himself. The actor expressed his happiness and wished his friend all the best. Reflecting on his own personal journey as a father to a newborn, he expressed that it was an incredible and fulfilling feeling.

Ultimately, the host surprised the actor with a thoughtful onesie gift. Holding it up, De Niro directed his attention towards the camera and lovingly addressed his daughter, saying, “Gia, this is for you, honey.”

How De Niro met the mother of the new baby, and how things evolved.

face to face aktuell/Reporter / East News

It is believed that Tiffany and Robert first met in 2015 while working together on the film The Intern.
She had a minor role in the film as a Tai Chi instructor who assists Robert’s character. In August 2021, Robert and Tiffany were spotted together during a romantic vacation in the South of France. Their affection was evident as they held hands while leisurely strolling under the sunshine and later shared kisses aboard a yacht.

The esteemed actor was entangled in a contentious divorce battle with his now ex-wife, Grace Hightower. In April 2022, a judge ruled that Robert’s ex-wife would receive an annual sum of $1 million and that the couple would split the proceeds after selling their home.

Robert De Niro got candid about his parenting responsibilities.

The 80-year-old actor recently offered insights into life with his newest family member. In an interview with The Guardian, he said it’s “going okay.” He shared, “It doesn’t get easier, it is what it is, it’s okay. I mean, I don’t do the heavy lifting. I’m there to support my girlfriend. She’s the one doing the work, and we have assistance, which is incredibly valuable.”

When asked if he enjoys being a father, De Niro enthusiastically responded, “Of course I do,” emphasizing that he appreciates “all of it.”

He further elaborated on the distinctions between parenting a baby and raising older children, explaining, “With a baby, it’s a different experience compared to my 11-year-old, my adult children, and my grandchildren. It’s a whole different ballgame.” De Niro added, “Well, I don’t talk to the adult children the way I talk to my baby or the way I speak to my 11-year-old, though she’s pretty smart”.

What the actor thinks about fatherhood.

The acclaimed actor has six other children as well. With his ex-wife, Diahnne Abbott, he has Drena, 51, and Raphael, 46. With ex-wife Grace Hightower, he has Elliot, 25, and Helen, 11. Additionally, he has twins Aaron and Julian, 27, with his former girlfriend, Toukie Smith.

Moreover, In a recent interview, the Goodfellas star shared his thoughts on the experience of fatherhood. He expressed that there is often a lack of understanding regarding the true essence of being a good father. Balancing a sense of responsibility with mystery, he acknowledged that the fatherhood journey encompasses excitement and fear. Despite these challenges, he emphasized giving it one’s all.

In addition, De Niro openly expressed that he anticipated becoming a father again with his girlfriend, Tiffany, and that their pregnancy was deliberately planned. He pondered, “How could one not plan such a significant event?”

In addition to Gia, De Niro is a proud father to daughter Drena, son Raphael, twin sons Aaron and Julian, son Elliot, and daughter Helen. As a legendary actor who has portrayed countless roles on the silver screen, it’s clear that De Niro embraces the real-life role of being a father with just as much dedication and enthusiasm.

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