Robert Downey Jr. Feels “Blessed” as He Marks His 58th Birthday With a Rare Video of His 3 Sons

5 months ago

Robert Downey Jr. is feeling very emotional as he turns 58. The star shared a sweet video that highlights all the key moments from his past year. But what really caught our attention is how attached the actor is to his wife of 17 years and his 3 kids who made a special appearance in their dad’s video.

He uploaded a very creative post.

The Iron Man star shared a montage with over 55 million Instagram followers, featuring many highlights of his acting career and private life from the past 365 days. He captioned the post, ’’57 you’ve been too kind with deep gratitude I shall rewind..’’

The video opens with a beaming Robert Downey Jr. who got presented with a cake. He also shared a rare glimpse of his boys, whom we rarely get to see, as they sang him “Happy Birthday.”

The montage then proceeded to show different key snaps from Downey Jr.’s acting career over the past year.

This included him in character for the highly-anticipated film, Oppenheimer, as well as a nod to the documentary, Sr., which focuses on his late father who was an influential filmmaker.

Family is an essential part of his life.

In another clip, we got to see Downey Jr.’s 2 youngest sons shaving his ’’dome.’’ The video segment originated from a Halloween-themed recording that was uploaded back in October.

However, the bold move wasn’t just to wear a costume. In fact, the actor needed to have his hair removed in order to portray various characters for his new movie, The Sympathizer.

The star also made sure to include his oldest son, Indio, 29, in the montage by posting a black-and-white photo of the 2 together and describing him as one of his “favorite musicians.”

Near the end, Downey Jr. paid a loving tribute to his wife, Susan, by sharing a pic of him resting his head on her lap while she gazed down at him.

He captioned the snap, ’’And the sweet 17 of marriage — sublime!’’

Deep down, he’s still a child.

The actor concluded the montage with a humorous clip where he’s seen making a silly face while jumping onto a toy inflatable horse.

He added the words, ’’After being bestowed with all these blessings, I can only hope that I never lose my childlike spirit.’’


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