“I Went Hollywood,” Sharon Stone Celebrates Turning 65 With a Bold Statement

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Sharon Stone is having a blast as she turns 65. The actress shared a couple of casual snaps on Instagram where she’s relaxing on her big day. And she added a sprinkle of humor by adding a curious detail to the photos that shocked us at first glance.

She shared jaw-dropping snaps.

The actress looked cozy and comfortable in her black and white polka-dotted pajamas and large reading glasses, with a bunch of red birthday balloons next to her.

But what grabbed our attention was the huge lips she had on. In fact, Stone transformed her look with oversized, red lips made out of cherry-flavored candy.

She accompanied the pics with the caption, ’’I did it. Finally. For my birthday. I went Hollywood.’’ She added, ’’Sometimes u get EXACTLY what u wish for.’’

Besides an influx of happy birthday wishes, the eye-catching post left many of the Basic Instinct star’s fans reacting and adding light-hearted comments.

For example, one person sarcastically wrote, “You can barely tell the difference. Nicely done.” And another humorously said, “Looks completely natural.”

A tragic event made her stay away from cosmetic procedures.


Stone has admitted to getting frequent Botox treatments in the past until one life-changing moment totally shifted her views on cosmetic procedures.

She noted, “There were periods in the super fame when I got Botox and filler and stuff, and then I had this massive stroke and a 9-day brain hemorrhage.”

Joel C Ryan/Invision/East News

The actress went on, adding that as a result of this tragic event, she “had to have over 300 shots of Botox and filler” in order to make the one side of her face “come up again.”

Following her stroke, Stone admitted that she started to embrace her aging signs and began to see cosmetic procedures in a new light. She explained that they turned from a “cute luxury to some kind of massive, painful neurological need.”

She’s in a great place in her life.

We can’t deny that the 65-year-old Hollywood star looks as radiant as ever, and she also seems to be very fulfilled on a personal level.

She recently noted that she has ’’never been this joyful," adding, ’’I feel like this is the most exciting and creative period of my life."

Sharon Stone isn’t the only celebrity who has decided to stop undergoing cosmetic procedures. Discover more stars who opened up about their experience and the reason why they made the decision to accept their imperfections and signs of aging.

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