Scientists Revealed How the Ideal Pregnancy Body May Look in the Future (Hint: She Has No Breasts)

8 months ago

Our bodies change as we age, and it’s pretty cool to think we once looked a bit like Neanderthals. Nowadays, some scientists are researching how our bodies might change in the future, and what they’ve discovered is truly unique.

Scientist Alice Roberts is taking on a daring scientific challenge

Meet Alice Roberts, a highly skilled anatomist who has dedicated herself to the fascinating journey of understanding the concept of the ideal human body, aiming to reveal it in all its perfection, free from any imperfections. To bring her research to life, a remarkable wax figure was meticulously created in her exact likeness and unveiled during a special presentation to a select group of people.

The most surprising part was that the wax figure had a baby’s head sticking out of its belly.

In Roberts’ words, she shared the intriguing insight that the baby’s unusual appearance was a clever adaptation to minimize the pain during childbirth. She went on to express, “The baby’s the weirdest thing. That is the weirdest thing, but it’s very cute at the same time,” she said.

Roberts delved further into the discussion, shedding light on the peculiar characteristics of the model’s entire body. She clarified that the model sported a robust lower back akin to a chimpanzee, a trait designed to compensate for the challenges of our evolutionary shift to an upright posture.

Moreover, she pointed out that the model’s elongated legs served as effective shock absorbers, while the miniature pumps discreetly embedded in her tights contributed to enhanced blood circulation.

While acknowledging that we might not personally witness the realization of these changes, one thing we can readily observe is the evolving concept of the ideal body shape. Throughout history, we’ve witnessed shifts in this ideal, from cherishing fuller figures in the Ancient World to the contemporary fascination with varying body shapes, leaving us to wonder what the future’s definition of the perfect body will encompass.

Preview photo credit BBC / Youtube


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