See What Happens to Your Body When You Press 11 Key Points

2 years ago

The ancient practice of acupressure can provide more help than just relieving us of little annoying health issues like headaches, colds, the flu, and fatigue. It can also aid us in our overall well-being.

Bright Side presents you with 11 amazing pressure points that will naturally help to heal your body and mind. The techniques we bring to you are special because they can be self-administered anytime, anywhere.

However, you should always consult a specialist before trying anything else out.

1. Feng Chi

Recommended for: headaches, stiff neck, eye blurriness, vertigo, and cold/flu symptoms

How to locate: Slide the ends of the middle fingers of your hands into the space where the base of your skull meets the top of your neck (which is right on top of the spine). Then let the 2 fingers slide away from each other, over the 2 trapezius tendons (which will feel like a pair of thick ropes beneath your fingers).

How to apply: Use your fingers and massage that spot you’ve located for 1-3 minutes and do as many repetitions as you wish.

2. Jian Jing

Recommended for: neck stiffness, muscle tension, and headaches

How to locate: The point is located on your shoulder, halfway between your neck and where your arm begins.

How to apply: Apply pressure in a downward direction using your index finger or thumb. However, if you are very tense, it will be quite hard to press that area yourself, so you might need to ask someone else to do it for you.

3. San Yin Jiao

Recommended for: urological issues, pelvic disorders, menstrual cramps, and insomnia

How to locate: It is located 4 finger-widths above your ankle (measured from the highest point in your ankle) in the trough behind the bone.

How to apply: Apply firm pressure to this point on the inside of your legs, then massage the area for 3 minutes.

CAUTION: It should not be used during pregnancy.

4. Zhong Zhu

Recommended for: headaches and upper body pain

How to locate: This point is located behind your knuckles in the groove formed by the tendons of your ring finger and little finger.

How to apply: Apply firm pressure with the side of your thumb and massage the area for 1-2 minutes.

5. Zu San Li

Recommended for: gastrointestinal problems, including vomiting and nausea

How to locate: It is located on the outward-facing side of your leg in the depression a little bit under your knees.

How to apply: Put your 2 fingers on the point and move them in a circular motion with firm pressure. Massage for 2-3 minutes and move on to the other leg.

6. Nei Guan

Recommended for: upset stomach, motion sickness, and nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy

How to locate: It is located in your inner wrist.

How to apply: Massage between the 2 tendons with your thumb or forefinger for 2-3 minutes. Don’t press too hard, and if it hurts, then it means that you need to be more gentle.

7. He Gu

Recommended for: headaches, digestion, nausea, and general pain

How to locate: It is located between the web of your thumb and index finger.

How to apply: Apply deep pressure to massage the area for 5 minutes and move your thumb in a circular motion.

CAUTION: It should never be used during pregnancy.

8. Tai Chong

Recommended for: headaches, spasms, dizziness, menstrual pain, and season allergies

How to locate: Tai Chong is located on your foot, about 2 finger-widths above the place where your index toe and big toe meet.

How to apply: Apply deep, firm pressure with your thumb for 20-30 seconds until you feel numb on this area.

9. Yin Tang

Recommended for: Relieving stress, eye strain, headaches, treating nasal and sinus congestions, curing insomnia, and increasing the effectiveness of the brain.

How to locate: It is located on your forehead between your eyebrows.

How to apply: Gently press this point using your fingers for about a minute, and then release. You can repeat it a couple of times a week.

10. Lao Gong

Recommended for: anxiety and inflammation

How to locate: It is located where the tip of your ring finger lands in the palm of your hand when you make a fist.

How to apply: Rub your 2 palms together until you feel the warmth created in them. Then put one of your palms on your chest and the other palm on your lower abdomen. You will feel the warmth from your palms transfer to your body.

11. Qi Hai Shu

Recommended for: lower back pain, hemorrhoids, dysmenorrhea, and leukorrhea

How to locate: It can be found 2 finger-widths (1.5 cun) above the upper end of your hip. For a better understanding, refer to the photograph above.

How to apply: Using your thumbs to apply pressure, massage both sides of the spine for 4–5 seconds. Repeat daily.

Bright Side hopes that all its readers will take advantage of these pressure points in their endeavor to stay healthy.

Let us know in the comments what improvements you felt after practicing these.

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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