Squirrel Mom Thanks a Guy for Saving Her Baby in the Most Precious Way

3 years ago

Baby squirrels might be a bit awkward and clumsy with their first moves so it's scarily easy for them to fall out of their nests. However, this little guy got lucky with his landing. He was saved by Indian photographer, Rahul Sharma, who fed and nursed him back to health so his mother could bring him back home.

We at Bright Side want to share a story about this kindhearted deed with you so you'll remember there's so much good in this world.

Rahul Sharma, a man from India, was having breakfast on his terrace when he decided to look down at the street just in time to notice a tiny squirrel lying at the threshold of his house. He was quick on his feet to get the animal to save it from a hungry cat or dog who would see the squirrel as a lovely morning meal.

Rahul cleaned the squirrel off, being as gentle as possible, as the baby was extremely exhausted from fighting the dirty drain it had apparently fallen into. Thank to Rahul's kindness, it didn't take long for the squirrel to feel safe in his hands.

The squirrel's savior immediately went to the store to get a dropper to feed the baby. Rahul also sent the animal's picture to his friends, being the photographer that he is, and they quickly fell in love with the baby. He did too.

Rahul then created a tiny house out of an old shoebox for the baby. He noticed with excitement that the squirrel started to enjoy playing in its temporary home. After just a couple of hours, and after gaining some of its strength back, the baby was fearlessly jumping all around the house, including Rahul's hands and shoulders.

He said, they've taken couple of pictures together, and the squirrel acted as if i wasn't its first photoshoot.

However, after a little while the baby hurriedly left Rahul's hands as they both noticed another squirrel rushing toward them. The worrying mother had come to save her baby.

Rahul noticed that the mother was terrified of coming closer to a human being. However, she wanted her baby back too much to let her fear get the best of her, so she came even closer and the baby squirrel jumped into her worried embrace.

The mother checked him at least 10 solid times before finally looking over at the rescuer of her baby. At first Rahul wasn't sure whether she thought he was a good or a bad person, but then the squirrel came up to his extended palm and softly touched it with her nose.

Rahul was astonished to experience the gratitude of the squirrel and felt beyond blessed. The mother then grabbed her baby and took off back to their nest.

The photographer nearly shed some tears because he couldn't believe how lucky he was to observe this magical moment of unconditional love.

I feel blessed to have been able to save the life of that tiny creature who, with its mother, reminded me of some really important virtues of our lives that we all know but often forget to practice, sometimes unknowingly and sometimes, perhaps deliberately.

Even though Rahul has always dreamt of having a pet squirrel, he was delighted to have been able to save a life and help it get back to its home safely.

Tell us in the comments whether you have had a similar experience!

Preview photo credit Life From My Eyes


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