Teri Hatcher Got Kicked Off a Dating App and the Reason Why Left Her and Everyone in Disbelieve

2 weeks ago

In a surprising turn of events, actress Teri Hatcher recently revealed that she was suddenly kicked off the popular dating app, Hinge. She shared why during an appearance on Getting Grilled with Curtis Stone, while also reflecting on her dating experiences.

The unlikely mix-up

During the interview with host Curtis Stone, Teri Hatcher remembered her experience in the world of dating apps. Having tried various platforms in the past, she decided to give Hinge a shot. However, her attempt at openness and vulnerability took an unexpected turn when the app administrators mistakenly believed she was impersonating herself.

With a touch of humor, Hatcher explained, “They thought I was pretending to be Teri Hatcher.” The chef, seemingly surprised, inquired further about the incident, prompting Hatcher to reveal that the app later apologized for the mix-up. Despite the apology, she humorously declared that she was “sort of over it,” signaling the end of her venture into the world of online dating.

A change of heart

Following the amusing incident on Hinge, Teri Hatcher made it clear that she is now done with dating apps altogether. She expressed contentment with her busy and fulfilling life, stating, “I don’t need a man. I have a cat.” Embracing a positive outlook, the actress seemed at peace with her decision to step away from the digital dating scene.

Inspired by Jane Fonda

As Hatcher celebrated her 59th birthday in December 2023, she shared her intention to follow the inspirational advice of Jane Fonda regarding intentional living.

Fonda, who is renowned for her wisdom and grace, encouraged intentional living as a means to shape one’s future and minimize regrets. Hatcher, inspired by Fonda’s words, expressed her desire to be a better person and lead a fulfilling life.


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