Test: the Image You See First Can Reveal Hidden Sides of Your Personality

2 years ago

Images are a great way for psychologists to find out about your personality and subconscious. But it depends on what you spot first when looking at an illustration. Specifically, this psychological test will tell you about your unconscious fears and what triggers them.

Bright Side always enjoys these types of tests, however, sometimes you don’t need to take them too seriously, just have some fun with them.

What do you see first in this image?

1. If you saw a little girl

You may have fears that are repressed from your childhood. A child’s mind has many different events that can affect it. However, if they are not explained properly, they can come out in adulthood in different ways, like addiction, fear, inappropriate desires, and cognitive patterns.

For your emotional development, your relationship with your mom is important. If you had to spend too much time away from your mom or you didn’t have a lot of affection while growing up, it’s possible that you have unconscious fears. This can affect the ability to make decisions and take responsibility.

This can also happen while being an infant, in the perinatal phase, or even during delivery or gestation.

2. If you saw a butterfly

The butterfly usually symbolizes positivity. However, it holds an unconscious meaning that comes from a bit of a darker place. Your unconscious fear might be about missing out on chances. Also, you might have suppressed emotions of grief about people that are not with you anymore.

3. If you saw a raspberry

In this case, the raspberry in the image is placed in the center, and it’s larger than the actual size of the berry, and this is because it represents the heart. It’s a symbol of love.

However, if you saw the raspberry first, this means that the answer to what you are looking for is actually in your heart. Your unconscious fear comes from resisting love without being aware of it.

4. If you saw a spider

One of the most common fears among people is the fear of spiders. It’s actually a survival mechanism that helped us stay alert of little dangers that used to surround us. However, when it comes to symbols, the spider shows that you might be afraid of your surroundings not being safe.

Seeing this figure first means that you don’t feel safe in an environment. You always check the details and almost always find something dangerous. This prevents you from seeing the beauty that surrounds you and the happy moments. You most likely overthink your every move too.

5. If you saw trees

The tree is an important psychological symbol. In fact, it’s used in psychoanalytical tests that can evaluate the psyche depending on where on a piece of paper the person draws the tree. However, right now, since the tree symbolizes our roots, it has a deeper meaning.

The trees that form a bridge mean you might be having an inner conflict that you still have not solved. So this could indicate that you have a fear of accepting an unconscious emotional split. You are developing your identity around the shadow of resisting to merge with yourself.

6. If you saw teddy bears

Most of us, when we were kids, found comfort by hugging our teddy bear. It’s like a place where there was warmth, safety, and understanding. Well, that’s why a teddy bear stands for a friend who can understand you unconditionally.

However, in the image, the teddy bears are a bit twisted, and if you saw them first, this says something very curious about yourself. You are actually afraid of being afraid. This is most likely due to unconscious trauma that probably happened during childhood at a time when you were afraid but didn’t have anything to comfort yourself with.

7. If you saw a skull

Seeing the skull first might mean that you have a hard time making decisions, especially if you are faced with important issues. This could be due to low self-esteem — you don’t trust yourself enough to take the next step and do the right thing.

Your problem with self-esteem might be because you were never appreciated by your parents or close friends for your accomplishments, and you felt like you were never good enough.

Which one did you see first? Did the test guess your personality accurately?


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