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The first bike to hit the roads was in 1817. This bike didn’t even have peddles, and it was made out of wood. But since then we have gone a long way in terms of design and safety. And today we even have folding bikes that make it easier to move around, especially going to work or traveling because they can easily fit inside your car.

With so many options out there, we chose the best folding bikes from Amazon. Continue reading as we prepared 12 practical accessories that can fit any bike.

How to choose the right folding bike

While folding bikes are really convenient and practical, getting one means trading off the cycling performance that regular bikes provide. But this doesn’t mean that all folded bikes are not suitable for long rides, in fact, there are a few main features that will help you decide what type of foldable bike you need.

  • Folding size — Any folding size can be easily fitted in your car and even public transport. But a bigger folding size means the bike is better for longer cycling distances, while the smaller ones are better for short distances like going to work or school.
  • Folding speed — This is an important feature only if you plan to fold and unfold your bike a few times a day. The faster ones will take about 10 seconds to fold, while others might take as long as 10 minutes.
  • Wheel size — Usually, a good foldable bike has about 50 cm wheel size and up. But remember that for short distant rides it’s better to get one with smaller wheels, while for longer distances get a bike with bigger wheels.
  • Weight — While weight is not that important for touring, lightweight is always preferable.
  • Gear system  The speeds available in a bike will determine how much force you need to use to spin the paddles, and how fast you’ll go.
  • Carrying luggage — Maybe it’s not a feature that boosts performance, but it’s definitely more practical for running errands.

1. Save space with this lightweight folding bike that weighs only 12 kg. But still, it’s safe to ride and convenient.

This folding bike has an adjustable handlebar, seat, kickstand, and stem. And thanks to the folding lock, it’s super safe for riding and storing. And the best part is that it comes with folding pedals and a phone holder.


  • Folding size: 80 cm x 48 cm x 70 cm
  • Folding speed: N/A
  • Wheel size: 50 cm
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Gear system: 7 speeds
  • Suggested rider height: 150 cm to 190 cm
  • Space for luggage: N/A

Promising reviews:

  • Sturdy little folding bike! — This bike is just what I was looking for, easy to ride, great portability, and the perfect bike for leisure exercise since I am a senior citizen. — Client d’Amazon
  • Ideal — I live in a flat, so this is great for me... Ideal. — Mr D Houghton

Buy this folding bike on Amazon HERE

2. This foldable bike will give you true riding comfort while saving a lot of space in your car or home. It’s great if you plan on taking a trip or simply going around town.

This bike brand made its first portable bicycle back in 1971. And today they offer smooth rides thanks to using the latest technology, performance, and style. The bike’s folding mechanism is super easy to use and fast. In fact, you’ll be able to fold the bike in 10 seconds, and also unfold it in the same time frame.

On the other hand, the adjustable handles and seat will give you the chance to adjust it according to your height. This will guarantee you a smooth ride without any hassle.


  • Folding size: 40 cm x 75 cm x 59 cm
  • Folding speed: 10 seconds
  • Wheel size: 50 cm
  • Weight: 12.9 kg
  • Gear system: 9 speeds
  • Suggested rider height: 142 cm to 195
  • Space for luggage: N/A

Buy this folding bike on Amazon HERE

3. This great folding bike will become your best friend for everyday rides in the city. Especially for going to work. And since it’s foldable, it makes it easy to transport with different vehicles.

The folding system of this bike is really practical. The pedals and the handlebars are folded, and also the frame is folded in half. It’s a bike with an urban design that will provide useful elements like a luggage rack and fenders.


  • Folding size: 77 cm x 64 cm x 35 cm
  • Folding speed: N/A
  • Wheel size: 50 cm
  • Weight: 16.6 kg
  • Gear system: 6 speeds
  • Suggested rider height: N/A
  • Space for luggage: Yes

Promising review:

  • Cheap little runaround — I purchased this folding bike for a small 1-mile commute for work, I haven’t actually used it properly yet, however it does seem a nice smooth ride for the little ride I took on earlier. — Daniel Osman

Buy this foldable bike on Amazon HERE

4. Electrical and foldable bike that you can ride in 3 different modes. The lithium battery can hold a huge charge that will last for a very long time.

Not only is this bike foldable, but electrical as well. It can be a great choice for commuting to work and school. In fact, it’s also practical as it has an LED display where you can monitor your speed and check the battery level.

There are 3 ways you can ride this bike: peddle assist where the motor will help you with peddling, manual mode, where you just ride it as a regular bike, and fully electrical mode, with which you can ride and relax.


  • Folding size: 95 cm x 75 cm x 48 cm
  • Folding speed: N/A
  • Wheel size: 50 cm
  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Gear system: 7 speeds
  • Suggested rider height: 175 cm to 190 cm
  • Space for luggage: Yes

Promising review:

  • Pure fun — The battery is great, and the bike is great. The only concern I have is the front stem is a bit shaky. Otherwise, this is a fantastic bike and the battery lasts for ages. — Christopher Hetherington

Get this foldable bike on Amazon HERE

5. The best bike for couples who want to enjoy quality time together. Even though foldable, the bike is safe for 2 people to ride it.

An awesome folding bicycle for couples. Thanks to the strong and durable frame, it can support a weight of 200 kg. But even if it’s a 2-person bike, it can be easily folded and stored in your car’s trunk or in an office without taking up a lot of space.


  • Folding size: 110 cm x 35 cm x 62 cm
  • Folding speed: N/A
  • Wheel size: 50 cm
  • Weight: 22.5 kg
  • Gear system: 1 speed
  • Suggested rider height: N/A
  • Space for luggage: N/A

Get the foldable bike for couples on Amazon HERE

Bonus: Bike and cycling accessories

1. The best seat for bikes to take your kids on a ride. Easy to install and safe, and it won’t damage your bike’s frame because it has rubber protection.

When getting a child seat for your bike, the most important thing is safety and comfort. Well, this product ensures this. This seat will fit all mountain bikes, even those with tapered or sloping top tubes, and bikes with steep top tubes.

However, it won’t fit the electric, gravel/road, step-through frame, and cruiser bikes, or the ones that have cables on the top tube

Promising review:

  • Awesome for (small frame) commuter bikes too — This thing is awesome, worth every penny.
    It is shown fitted to an aluminum frame commuter bicycle with metal mudguards. Use it for daily nursery runs. It is so much better having the child in front of you. They can see where they are going, you can chat, and it feels much more secure having them between your arms.
    I have a tip I want to share; before the kid got over 15 kg, I had her on the Thule Nexxt Mini. I highly recommend that too for smaller children. — M M

Buy the seat on Amazon HERE

2. A case for your phone that you can install on your bike. Plus, the screen box is highly sensitive to touch, which means you can easily use your phone while it’s in the case.

This phone case has a stylish and modern design that is still waterproof, even the zipper. So even on rainy days you can stay calm as your phone will stay safe. Also, the straps that secure the holder are really durable, and they won’t move even if you take your bike on steep roads.

Promising review:

  • Good quality holder — I have grown to like this bit of kit, initially I kept skimming it with my knees when cycling but have now adjusted my riding to suit. Holds plenty and love that I can access my phone keypad without having to remove it from the holder. — roy cole

Buy the bike phone bag on Amazon HERE

3. This is a gel-filled bike seat cover that will ensure you’ll be comfortable while sitting down. It’s in fact a low-cost solution for uncomfortable bike seats. Plus, it’s super easy to install and remove.

The gel in this cover seat will absorb most of the shock when riding on bumpy roads, which means it will give you the opportunity to explore new grounds without pain. Plus, the dimensions of this seat cover will fit most bike seats.

Promising review:

  • Comfy, secure, and easy to fit — Ok, so my son bought a new bicycle... Well, I paid for it, but you know what I mean... Teenagers! However, not quite sure why, but all these bikes have these hard seats that quite frankly look like they could quite possibly do some damage...especially on bumpy roads.
    My son rode to school the first day and said he was concerned that he may never be able to have children if he continued to ride the bike... As I said, teenagers! So I ordered this gel seat cushion, and it fitted really nicely on the seat.
    It is quite secure and doesn’t slide off to the side. It does come with a rain cover, but my son hasn’t used that yet as his bike is undercover whilst he is in school. It has quite a bit of padding to it and my son said it makes the seat way more comfortable, so I guess I will be a granny one day after all, ha ha! — Emily 77v

Buy the seat cover on Amazon HERE

4. Practical pair of gloves for everyone who loves the outdoors and loves riding their bikes no matter the weather conditions. They are waterproof and have touch screen compatible fingertips.

These bike gloves won’t slip when you are holding the handles and are great for frequent use. They’ll keep you warm on cold and rainy days. Just don’t dip the gloves directly in water, since the seams are not waterproof.

Promising review:

  • Best gloves ever — Let me tell you about these gloves. I have Raynaud which kicks off in the freezer aisle in Asda, I wasn’t expecting great things from these gloves, but I needed something as I was climbing Snowdon today.
    What can I say, I came a good far way down the sheer face of the Watkins path on my backside due to the weather making it nearly impossible to walk, never mind the climb. These gloves landed in snow, slush, ice, and water. Did my hands feel cold? No. Were my hands wet? No. At one point, I took the gloves off to see if I still had hands, as they felt strangely fine. They were warm.
    Where have these gloves been all my life? Best gloves ever! Ordering another pair for spare. Might try a few handstands in the Arctic next. — Amazon Customer

Buy the gloves on Amazon HERE

5. This bike cleaner works down to a molecular level, which means it can break down even the strongest grime and dirt. Thanks to this product, you’ll always have a shiny-looking bike.

This magical cleaning product is biodegradable and acid-free, which means you can clean your bike guilt-free. Plus, it’s super safe on many different surfaces even carbon fiber, and it won’t damage anything, including the brake disks.

❗️Warning — It can cause eye irritation, so keep away from your eyes. It’s a good idea to keep them protected with safety goggles.

Promising review:

  • A great go-to product for clean bicycles and motorbikes — Muc-Off has clearly been around for a while, and this is one of the products which gives them their name. I use it straight on a dry bicycle or motorbike and leave it to work its magic before rinsing (not letting it dry) and you can just see the dirt disappear.
    Tires look new along with hoses, plastics, etc. It’s non-acidic, so I haven’t seen any tarnishing from it. A quick chamois and you are done. It’s lovely having something that just does exactly what it’s supposed to. — Mr W.

Buy this powerful bike cleaner on Amazon HERE

6. This foldable helmet has the perfect fit system. So it will fit on your head without any issues and it will still feel comfortable when wearing. Plus, it meets all safety regulations.

This robust helmet is more practical than the regular one. This is because it’s foldable and safe. As a biker, you probably know the hassle of storing your helmet after your rides, or simply when you use your bike to work.

Promising review:

  • Really great helmet that’s much easier to transport — This is a really good helmet — the collapsible future makes it so much more portable, meaning that you can actually put it in your backpack and still have lots of space. I use it for my commute, and it’s been a real game-changer. It’s also just a well-made and attractive helmet.
    My only issue was that there wasn’t quite enough padding in the right places to keep it snug on my head — but I superglued two of the foam inserts together, and then it fit perfectly. It’s made sure that I never leave the house without my helmet because I actually like wearing it. Worth the money. — Amazon Customer

Buy the helmet on Amazon HERE

7. The most practical bike lights you can find as they provide 360-degree protection. They have 4 different light modes, plus they are super easy to install.

This bike lights set is USB rechargeable and can last 6 hours after charging them for 3. Also, they emit super bright light in the dark, making it easier and safer to ride your bike after sundown. Even if it happens to rain, they’ll still work as they are waterproof.

Promising review:

  • This product is just perfect — These lights are amazing. As a new rider, I don’t know much, but these were recommended to me because of how simple but effective they are. They already come charged and when using them on half light brightness (which is great so that cars aren’t blinded but can still see you) they last hours.
    Simply press the power button to what desired effect you want and the USB charging system is ace. Simply plug it in to charge. It is also covered to prevent water access. You could use these for anything as you can clip them on or use the rubber mounts to mount them on anything. If these somehow broke, I would definitely purchase them again. — Sarah

Buy the bike lights on Amazon HERE

8. These wheel lights will not only make you look cool but keep you safe. You won’t be left vulnerable from the sides, as you’ll be easily seen by other people and drivers.

The wheel lights are waterproof and easy to install. They come in small boxes, and you can choose whether you would like to mix up the colors or match them. Plus, the batteries last very long. Also, they come nicely packed in a colored box, making them a perfect gift, whether for a friend or family.

Promising review:

  • Simply super — Great quality. I’ve had mine two months through the winter sleet and rain. They’re still working really well. No need to charge yet either, although I use them twice daily five times a week. They’re not too fiddly to turn on and off. There’s a cylindrical piece with a button on one end that you can find pretty easily.
    Everyone comments on them and points them out to kids, and I feel safer at crossroads and junctions in the dark. Be careful to purchase two sets if you want both tires lit up, as they sell singly. So far, so super! — Ruth

Buy the LED lights on Amazon HERE

9. Vertical bike stand that is great for keeping your bike tucked in one place so it doesn’t get in your way.

This is a specialized bike holder that will keep your bicycle in an upright position, and yet it will deliver stability and safety. It’s super easy and quick to put up, without even lifting your bike off the ground. The best part is that it works for all bike sizes, even for kids.

Promising reviews:

  • Amazing — Great stand saves space indoors and is very sturdy, and adjustable so can fit all bike sizes. — kash s
  • Guys, let me explain — This product is an example of the great balance of the laws of physics. Believe me, if I tell you that when you put the bike on it, even when you move everything the bike will remain stable (of course if you push your bike like a bull it will fall but anyway). Guys, I hallucinate with the inventors. — Ros

Buy the bike stand on Amazon HERE

10. When riding a bike, safety is the number one priority. And to make sure you are always safe, you need side mirrors so that you can see what is going on behind you. These mirrors are the right ones because they are really practical.

This bike mirror is flexible, and it can fit really well onto any bike with the rubber strap. It’s also made from ABS chrome, which makes it unbreakable, so it’s safer in case of a fall. Also, the mirrors are 360-degree adjustable, which allows you to tailor them as you see fit.

Promising review:

  • Makes me feel so much safer and relaxed — I never generally write product reviews, but this cycling gadget really blew me away. I live and use my EMTB in a rural area in the West of Ireland, where very few cars pass me as I’m cycling. However, sometimes if I go to Galway City, I have to use the busy coast road. This device is a godsend to let me know what lies behind me.
    It is very small but allows me a rear view of traffic approaching from behind. About a quarter is taken up with my arm, and the rest gives me a very clear image of what is behind me. A slight tilt of the head changes the rearview.
    Another thing I love about it is that it does not require the end of the handlebar to be pierced but, when mounted, still allows me to manipulate my gears and brake with my winter cycling gloves on. One of the most useful bike gadgets I ever bought, and I have bought many! — Amazon Customer

Buy the bike mirrors on Amazon HERE

11. This multi-functional repair tool kit is something every cyclist should have. It’s compact, and you can take it with you wherever you are going. It will give you the feeling of readiness and safety when you’re carrying it with you.

The tools are made from a strong material and can withstand a good amount of force when used. The best part is that these can not only be used for your bike, but also as an emergency tool kit for small repairs around your home.

Promising reviews:

  • Great cheap little set — Got this specifically to tighten my handles bars. Did the job perfectly. Seems a sturdy design and solid construction. — BigEuge87
  • Must-have for cyclists — A really good piece of kit and used a few times already on my road bike. I find the Allan keys are not really sturdy, but overall I have got value for money. — Paul J Glover

Buy the tool kit on Amazon HERE

12. These protective pads are not just designed to keep you safe, but they’ll also feel comfortable on. Plus, you can choose from 3 different colors.

These protective pads will keep you safe in bike emergencies. They are adjustable and can easily fit different sizes of wrists, elbows, and knees. Thanks to the durable PP and the breathable nylon sleeves, you’ll definitely get great protection while cycling. However, while these are great pads for adults, you’ll need to get different ones for your kid, check these out.

Promising review:

  • This is the most practical knee protector I’ve ever seen — I’m looking forward to it when I receive the express. This knee pad is exactly what I want. The price is very cheap, and the quality is very good. This knee protector is very comfortable and very durable. — lewis

When did you learn to ride a bike? How did it happen?

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