The 7 Best Napkin Folding Ideas for All of Your Holiday Dinners

The holiday season is right around the corner, and you’ve come to the right place for some napkin folding ideas. Impress your guests before they even start their meal with our best napkin folding ideas. We’ll show you how to fold napkins for Christmas and many other holidays as well. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Fancy napkin folded into a rose

Trying out a theme for your next event will improve your napkin folding skills. If you’re hosting a fancy lunch, put the napkin inside a teacup, and fold it in the form of a rose. To get this shape, place the napkin in a circle inside the cup, and voilà!

2. Suit jacket napkin folding

This is an unexpected but fun napkin folding idea. The suit jacket fold is easy to do and adds that touch of elegance to your holiday dinners.

To achieve this napkin fold, start with the napkin pre-folded into a triangle shape. Tuck the long edge under to make the neck. Fold each side down the middle, so they overlap each other. Lastly, tuck the base under the napkin, followed by both sides.

3. Christmas tree napkin folding

Santa Claus is sure to be impressed with this napkin fold. As the holiday season approaches, learn how to fold your Christmas tree napkins so that the spirit of joy takes over your dinner. Here is how to fold the napkin: first, fold it in half, making sure it doesn’t wrinkle, and then fold it in half again. Smooth it out and turn it, so all the outside corners are facing you.

Then fold the corners up one at a time. Flip the napkin over and fold both outer corners to their opposite sides and form a triangle shape. Flip them over once more and prepare to fold them starting at the top, tuck the second to fifth flaps under the one on top, hiding the sharp corner. And there you have it, a nice Christmas tree napkin fold!

4. Fillable pouch napkin folding

Folding napkins into fillable pouches is a great idea to implement at social gatherings. This easy napkin folding requires folding the napkin diagonally and then folding the straight edge of the napkin halfway toward the point.

Bring the left side to the center, and then fold the right side to the center as well. Fold the remaining stitches down, one should go to the front and the other to the back. Put the napkin fold pouch up, and that’s it!

5. Napkin folding like a flower

This is a nice and fancy napkin fold that you can do quickly, and it looks amazing on the table.

Start folding the napkin in half diagonally. Then fold the corners, so they meet at the top point. Now fold the bottom point 3/4 up and fold it back on itself. Finally, flip the napkin together, tucking one inside the other.

6. The Opera napkin folding

This napkin folding technique is inspired by the shape of the Sydney Opera House. So if you are looking for how to fold napkins in a fancy way, this one is for you. Fold the napkin in half with the closed edge facing you. Then fold it into quarters and turn it, so the napkin is a diamond, facing you with the open edge facing up.

Fold the bottom up, then bring the left and right sides to the center. Tuck the bottom corners under the napkin. Gather the napkin at the bottom and fold it along the center line. Pull each layer down and fluff each layer, so it curves down and lays flat on the plate.

7. A creative T-shirt napkin folding idea

You can always mix a little creativity with fun at the table. Folding napkins in the shape of a T-shirt will surprise all your guests. Don’t be fooled by its appearance because it is easier to do than you think.

Start by folding the napkin in front of you and bringing each corner to the center. Fold the right and left sides in half, then flip them over. Fold the top edge down about a quarter of an inch, and flip it back over. Fold the top left and right corners inward, so they meet in the center to form the neck. Fold the bottom left and right corners out, finish by folding the bottom up and tucking it under the neck.

Bonus: More cool napkin folding ideas to inspire you

“Taking napkin folding to a whole new level.”

Fancy napkin folded into a lotus flower

A festive napkin folding idea

Surprise everyone with a napkin folded like a rose on a plate.

Napkin origami

A romantic napkin folding idea

Do you have more napkin-folding ideas? Share your best tips with us, and let’s all get inspired for the holiday season!

Preview photo credit Wysiwyg** / Reddit, Mojoint / Reddit


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