Dwayne Johnson Gave the Sweetest Gift to the Man That Helped Him When He Was Homeless

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When we think about Dwayne Johnson, what we see is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood right now. But many years ago, this massive success he is experiencing didn’t reflect Johnson’s reality at all. Luckily, along the way, he found incredible people that helped him on his path to success, and this is the story of how he met one of them.

When Dwayne Johnson was young, he and his family were struggling to make ends meet.

When he was in his teens, Dwayne Johnson remembers how his family’s financial situation was not in good shape. “Times were tough, we were struggling to put food on the table like many families back then and many families right now.”

A particularly hard time they went through was when he and his mom arrived at their house and found an eviction notice on the door with a closed lock. They were not able to go into their house and didn’t have a place to sleep. After this tragic event, Johnson was sent on an airplane to Nashville, Tennessee so he could live with his dad.

When Johnson arrived in Tennessee, he soon realized that he wasn’t going to live with his dad. He was going to live with a friend of his dad’s, whom he didn’t know, named Bruno. “Bruno could’ve and should’ve said no, I’m not takin’ in some kid who I don’t know. But he didn’t,” the actor recalled.

“Downtown Bruno,” as the actor calls him, even gave the teen his last $40 bucks so that he could buy his first car. And that’s how the long-lasting friendship started.

Johnson started his career as a professional wrestler just like his dad.

His father, Rocky Johnson, was a well-known wrestler, but Johnson’s aspirations and goals were to become a professional Football player. “My life has been full of the wildest twists and turns,” said the actor on his social media. Due to an injury, Johnson was slowed down from playing the sport and he got un-drafted from the NFL.

Without a professional football career, Johnson didn’t have many options to earn money, so he asked his dad to train him to be a wrestler. When he was ready, he joined the World Wrestling Federation, and after many years of wrestling, his famous nickname, “The Rock,” was created.

The Rock was a sensation in the WWF, and lifting his right eyebrow in a menacing way became his signature move.

His first time on the big screen was in an iconic movie.

Dwayne Johnson’s first taste of Hollywood fame came when he was cast in a blockbuster movie called The Mummy Returns. After that, he appeared in films like The Scorpion King and was part of the franchise, Fast & Furious.

In recent years, the actor has reached levels of stardom that he probably didn’t see coming. He has become the next big action star Hollywood was looking for. These days, the actor and his mom don’t have to worry about money at all, probably for the rest of their lives.

Now that he found success, he gets to thank everyone who helped him.

As the famous actor recalled on Instagram, Bruno was one of the people that helped him “change the trajectory of the road I was going down.” Downtown Bruno gave teen Johnson a chance to change his future.

In a very emotional video that The Rock posted on his social media, he wanted to give Bruno a big surprise by gifting him a brand new truck. “Since you helped me buy my first car — I figured I could return the favor,” said the actor. Johnson even added a very nice promise at the end, saying, “When you’re ready to retire from the business, you just say the word. I got you covered.”

Have you ever received a nice present that you remember fondly? Show us your favorite presents in the comments — we’d love to see them.

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