There Are Squishy Chubby Pillows That Copy Real Seals, and They Are Just Perfect for Hugging

2 years ago

Seals are big, clumsy, cute marine mammals that look so charming, you want to hug one right away and take it home. Now, thanks to a company called Ocean Lovers United, you can have your own personal, chubby seal at home. It’s plush, soft, and super cuddly!

We can’t wait to try these seal pillows here at Bright Side and we wonder if you’d like to cuddle with your own baby seal if given the chance.

These plush seal pillows are made by the Ocean Lovers United company and they copy real seals down to their shape and color patterns and even facial expressions. These adorable pillows are stuffed with cotton and feel “softer than cotton candy.”

These seals will give you a velvety touch and their size is just perfect for cuddling with on your sofa at 60 cm x 30 cm x 28 cm.

The best part of buying these seal pillows is that the company sends 15% of all its profits to saving real seals who suffer from ocean pollution and hunting. Ocean Lovers United fight for a cleaner planet and promote the use of reusable items instead of single-use plastic and raise awareness of the dangers marine life faces today.

Apart from seal pillows, the company also offers a variety of other cute plush toys and accessories inspired by the sea world like octopus, crab, and stingray plush toys, shark-shaped winter slippers, knitted mermaid tail blankets, and much more!

If you want to help save these adorable animals in real life and have their plush copy at home, visit the Ocean Lovers United website and choose yourself a cuddly friend!

Would you like to try sleeping on a plush seal? Do you have a funny-shaped pillow at home? Show it to us in the comments!


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