They Say It’s Cheaper to Make Coffee at Home, So We Compared These 5 Coffee Machines to Find the Best One

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If you like coffee but don’t like the idea of spending a lot of time and money on buying this aromatic beverage in cafes, buying your own coffee machine can be a good option. The variety of devices offered on the market can really baffle you. But don’t worry, we did all the leg work for you when it comes to comparing the top-selling coffee machines from Amazon, so you can choose the one that meets your needs the best. Are you ready to meet your ideal coffee maker?

1. For those who need a simple but versatile coffee machine: Nespresso coffee machine. It has an intuitive, user-friendly design with an integrated milk frother that many users find to be a very appealing feature. The incredible milk froth that can be prepared with one touch of a button can become a nice addition to your favorite coffee recipes. The machine also heats up fast — it only takes 25 seconds.

The machine is equipped with an automatic energy-saving function that switches the machine off after 9 minutes of inactivity, which lets it consume less energy. The seller offers this coffee machine in 2 colors: black and white.

Power: 1870 W

Features buyers appreciated (scale of 0-5):

  • Easy to use: 4.7
  • Flavor: 4.7
  • Easy to clean: 4.6
  • Blending power: 4.6

Promising review:
This is my first Nespresso coffee machine, and I LOVE IT! I shouldn’t have waited so long to decide which coffee machine would be suitable for me. After trying the Nespresso machine from a housemate, I was in love already, but it didn’t have the milk frother. Finally, I decided on this one because I love my coffee with milk, lattes, and cappuccinos and having this one makes me really happy! It is a bit noisy, but it’s a coffee machine, after all! The milk frother is amazing! After using it for a while now, I decided to leave a review. I tried many kinds of coffee with it, many pods, and the flavor is always really tasty. I’ve also started to froth milk together with syrups, and it’s heavenly good. After discovering that I can make cold milk in the frother, I’ve made my own Frappuccinos! Usually, I use Starbucks pods, they’re my favorite ones! It’s practical, easy to use, and makes lovely espresso, latte, cappuccino... anything you wish really. I recommend it 100% because I love my Nespresso machine! @Szekely Aby

2,500+ ratings

Buy this coffee machine on Amazon HERE

2. For those who like experimenting with tastes: Tassimo coffee machine by Bosch. This compact coffee machine is super easy to operate. Simply pop your chosen drink pod in, press start, and get ready to enjoy your favorite beverage! You can choose from over 50 drinks from well-known brands, while the auto clean function ensures that no flavors mix between cups.

The machine has an automatic shut-off function, which means it will not be left running and waste energy when it’s not in use. The machine only heats the required amount of water on demand for each drink. You can choose between black and cream colors.

Power: 1300 W

Features buyers appreciated (scale of 0-5):

  • Blending power: 4.7
  • Easy to use: 4.5
  • Flavor: 4.5
  • Easy to clean: 4.5

Promising reviews:
I don’t usually write reviews on Amazon, but I had to for this machine. I have been looking for a good, affordable coffee machine, and THIS IS IT! It is so easy to use, it is cheap, and the coffee pods are so good! I have been on the hunt to find a way to make coffee at home, so I can save money on Starbucks. And I am so happy I found this machine! I love it so much. @Josephine

This Tassimo machine is quite fast, and it is suitable for making 2-3 cups of coffee at a time, as the tank only holds enough water for that amount. It is quite slimline, so it doesn’t take up too much counter space. @Amazcliffy

11,700 ratings

Buy this coffee machine on Amazon HERE

3. Perfect for a small kitchen: De’Longhi Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machine: Get your hot and cold drinks prepared with one easy movement of the machine’s manual lever. This model is also easy to clean, as all the coffee grinds stay in the pods, so there’ll be no mess. The automatic switch-off function and adjustable drip tray that’s suitable for all cup sizes make the machine ultra-convenient to use.

The amount of espresso extracted can vary depending on the grind size and the amount of coffee, so reprogramming may be needed when the grind size and coffee amount are adjusted.

Power: 1600 W

Features buyers appreciated (scale of 0-5):

  • Easy to clean: 4.4
  • Flavor: 4.4
  • Easy to use: 4.3
  • Value for the price: 4.3

Promising reviews:
Lots of plus points for this little machine:
-Good value for the money.
-Fits easily on our kitchen counter.
-Small enough to take up less space than your average coffee machine, yet the tank holds enough water for 2 drinks.
Ours gets used several times a day. Very happy with it. @Aline

Was just looking for an easy-to-use, uncomplicated, and inexpensive coffeemaker, and this fits the bill perfectly. Tend to use it for making a quick coffee in the morning, and this is ideal. Great range of drinks pods available, although I have only used it for making Americanos to date, which is my coffee of choice. Taste and quality are great. Happy with my purchase. @John Cameron

5,500+ ratings

Buy this coffee machine on Amazon HERE

4. For retro style lovers: Swan coffee machine. It strikes buyers with its fantastic retro design. The detachable water and milk tanks have large capacity, while a one-button operation design allows you to enjoy exquisite coffee right at home with no fuss. The machine’s 15 Bar pressure and an impressive 90-second preheating time ensure that your favorite drinks will be ready in minutes.

This retro coffee machine is offered in a variety of fantastic colors to suit your interior in the best possible way.

Power: 1200W

Features buyers appreciated (scale of 0-5):

  • Flavor: 4.1
  • Easy to use: 4.1
  • Easy to clean: 4.0
  • Value for the price: 3.9

Promising review:
I bought this to see whether I would use a coffee machine daily or even enough to justify buying a more expensive model. Upon opening the box, though, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, style, and size and how it eventually looked on the countertop. To be fair, I wasn’t expecting this machine to be as good as it is. Easy to use, good pressure to give you a perfect crema layer on your espresso. The milk steamer is also quite powerful and ideal for lattes, short continental-style coffee, and cappuccinos. I’ve found the best coffee is a level scoop (scoop provided with the machine) of a dark roast, but I prefer strong coffee, so it’s down to how you personally like yours. The coffee press is easy to use and clean after use. I do find that sometimes if I use a coarser grind that they form hard cakes, which are quite difficult to remove, but that’s just a minor issue. I’m so happy with this machine that I’ve decided that I don’t need to upgrade any time soon. Looks good, does the job exceptionally well, and is a great value for the money. @Steve

3,900+ ratings

Buy this coffee machine on Amazon HERE

5. Great for beginners: Espressimo coffee machine by Salter. Thanks to its 5 Bar pressure, this coffee machine can produce up to 4 servings of espresso at a time. Using the milk frother, you can make your own smooth, creamy lattes, frothy cappuccinos, and more. Its removable and washable drip tray ensures simple cleaning and minimal mess on your kitchen counter.

A coffee measuring spoon is included.

Power: 870W

Features buyers appreciated (scale of 0-5):

  • Easy to clean: 4.2
  • Flavor: 4.1
  • Easy to use: 4.0
  • Blending power: 3.9

Promising reviews:
I love coffee and have never owned an espresso machine before. I’ve been working from home for pretty much the whole year, and I’ve not been able to get my usual coffee fix from my favorite coffee shop near where I work. Naturally, this seemed like the best time to start trying to make good quality coffee at home. Having never had or used an espresso machine before, I was reluctant to spend a lot of money, so I opted for this product which was very competitively priced in comparison to other options, and yet still had good reviews. In short, I’ve been very happy so far in the 2 months I’ve been using the machine (on pretty much a daily basis). It’s very simple to use and has produced the best coffee I’ve ever made myself. It doesn’t feel too far off coffee shop coffee, but I know the main reason for that is my lack of experience in texturing the milk. At some point, I’m sure I will upgrade to a more expensive machine, but for a starter, this has been perfect, and I honestly can’t fault it. If you’ve never had an espresso machine before and want something at the cheaper end of the market that represents a good value for the money, this is a great option. @Amazon Customer

1,500+ ratings

Buy this coffee machine on Amazon HERE

What kind of coffee is your favorite? What equipment do you use to prepare it?

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