This Cat Can’t Walk, but That Doesn’t Stop Him From Helping Other Sick Animals

4 years ago

An animal clinic called Klyk, in Perm, Russia, like any other vet clinic, helps sick pets to fight their illnesses and get better. But there’s one thing that makes this clinic a special place. And it’s their furry nursing assistant who takes part in everything that’s going on with the docs and the patients.

Bright Side would like to introduce you Lucifer, a black cat who loves his job with all his heart.

Lucifer, or Lucik, was brought to the clinic in 2013.

When he was found at the doorway of the clinic, he was just a tiny kitten.

Unfortunately, his spine was damaged and his rear legs were paralyzed.

At first, the doctors wanted to help him and then put him up for adoption. But he never fully recovered.

So the docs decided to keep Luc in the clinic.

For a little while, the staff was afraid to show the kitten to their director, because they were not sure if he would let them keep him in the clinic.

But after a week of keeping Lucik inside, the director finally met him and they quickly fell in love with each other.

The clinic has become Luc’s home and workplace at the same time.

And although he can barely walk, he’s always ready to help other patients.

Lucik is always around. He can feel when someone needs special support and he goes to those patients.

Luc is a very sociable cat and he makes a point to meet every patient personally.

He believes that a doctor should treat all his patients with the same level of kindness and support, despite their species and breed.

His best friend is a dog named Gizma. They like cuddling together.

Luc helps with a lot of things around the clinic, including helping patients adapt and calming them down.

He even works on the weekends, so that the patients don’t feel lonely.

Over time, the doctors got used to having him around and now they can’t imagine the clinic without their furry assistant.

He often purrs on the doctor’s laps after a hard day of work.

Besides cuddling with the patients, Lucik gives his blood to sick animals — he’s been a donor more than 8 times.

Luc also writes his own stories about the patients and the doctors. You can read all of them on the clinic’s website.

Have you ever heard any other stories about animals who are deeply devoted to their jobs? Please tell us about them in the comments.


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