This Zoo Keeper and the Giraffe He Was Taking Care Of for 10 Years Both Passed on the Same Day

6 months ago

Throughout history, humans and animals have shared a deep connection. Consider the special bond between a person and their pet — at times, strong they can’t be apart. This connection extends to all animals, revealing the true essence of love and friendship. Just a few hours after its zookeeper passed away, this giraffe sadly left the world too.

On November 26, 2023, Skopje Zoo experienced a heartbreaking day as Riste Trajkovski, the 44-year-old caretaker known for his special care of giraffes, sadly passed away. His unique way of looking after exotic animals inspired people in Skopje and around the world. The cause of his death is still unknown, adding to the sadness of the situation.

To make things even sadder, a few hours later, the last giraffe in the zoo, a ten-year-old named Floppy, also passed away. Zoo employees tried hard to save Floppy, but unfortunately, their efforts didn’t work.

The loss of Riste Trajkovski and the last giraffe, Floppy, is not just a loss for Skopje Zoo but for the whole community. Trajkovski’s caring way with animals made him an inspiration, and losing him and the last giraffe highlights the challenges zoos face in preserving different species. Skopje Zoo now has the tough job of rebuilding and keeping the legacy of Riste Trajkovski alive, while also taking care of the animals that are left.

Sometimes, animals are like kids, picking up a lot from us, and love is just one thing of it. See how this orphaned orangutan learned how to breastfeed watching his zookeeper do it.


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