Tom Hardy Reveals 2 Secrets That Keep Him Grounded and Winning at Life

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English actor Tom Hardy’s journey through struggle and rehabilitation is one that many find surprising. It is living proof that there can be hope and fulfillment after a life of hardship. And what is more inspiring about his story is his consistent motivation to continue fighting to keep himself on the right path.

His early life was filled with hurdles.

The Venom and Peaky Blinders actor experienced homelessness and struggled with mental health challenges at a very young age. When he was a 21-year-old, and in dire need of money, Hardy entered a modeling contest in which he won, leading to the opening of several doors into the world of acting. As a result, Hardy decided to study method acting, which subsequently landed him his first-ever role in Band of Brothers.

The incident that was a turning point

His next big movie was Black Hawk Down, which was painful period for Hardy since, while filming it, the actor had a near-death experience after a night of partying. The doctor at the time warned him that if he didn’t turn his life around, he wouldn’t be around for much longer. With this warning and the support of his family and friends, Hardy finally decided to put himself on the path to recovery.

Hardy’s first saving grace: His loving wife and kids

Tom hasn’t had the best luck in his love life. However, when British actress Charlotte Riley stepped into his life when he was at a low point, everything changed for him. The pair first met on the set of Wuthering Heights. The 2 were at different points in their lives back then, and the actress was skeptical about Hardy. However, she admitted that there was a lot of chemistry between them and she ended up giving him a chance.

Hardy took this as a true blessing in his life and confessed that he would wait for her for as long as it took. His relationship with the actress was what continuously kept him grounded. Today, the pair are married with 2 kids, and Hardy gushes about how much his wife is there to support him and how he admires her kind and pure spirit.

Hardy’s second saving grace: His passion for martial arts

While being a husband and a father remains the main focus in keeping his mental health in check, his passion for martial arts has really helped him feel fulfilled. The star first began training for the 2011 movie Warrior and has worked his way up ever since. He admitted that this sport has been key to further developing a deeper sense of inner resilience, calm, and well-being while keeping him from falling back into his old habits.

He is now an avid Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and holds the rank of blue belt (the second rank out of 5). He has won a number of competitions, including the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open Championship, where he recently won gold. In fact, his humble nature and professionalism were evident in showing up to that tournament.

Tom Hardy: A goodwill ambassador

Today, the star is also a goodwill ambassador. He has dedicated time to meeting young people and hearing their stories. In addition to this, he has also helped to create new program initiatives, held acting workshops, and created MMA sessions for young people to help build their confidence.

Do you think having found your calling in life is a way to help you overcome challenges? We’d love for you to share your opinion in the comments.


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