Unusual Animal Friendships That Could Melt Anyone’s Heart

3 years ago

Did you know that cats only meow at humans as a survival mechanism that makes us take care of them? Well, the animals on this list are free to be themselves and have no need to convince us they're cute.

At Bright Side, we have nothing but admiration for an animal's ability to be compassionate and friendly, which is why we're so excited to share these photos with you! When all is said and done, we could all use to be inspired by these animals' acts of kindness.

1. Kids are kids - even huskies know this.

2. Did you know that "house leopards" in Africa are commonly friends with house dogs? Maybe the same chemistry worked for this dog and leopard at an American zoo.

3. The natural born hunter and prey

4. Callie and Stewart have their own Instagram and a beautiful friendship.

5. This dog seems to like everybody - even this otter!

6. "You're late. We're hungry. There's chicken on the counter."

7. Ducks imprint on anybody they see the moment they hatch and think they're their mommy.

8. This sweet couple consists of Pumpkin, the raccoon and Toffee, the dog. They're sharing a beautiful morning together.

9. She may be a predator, but she's a mom first.

10. When you think about it, guinea pigs are just like little pups!

11. They're taking a moment for themselves.

12. "Don't worry, I'll take good care of you, little one!"

13. Here comes a little kiss!

14. Bonus: friends from way back when

Which one of these photos was the most heart-warming? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit sunsghop / reddit


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