Vanessa Hudgens Just MARRIED Cole Tucker, Photos and Details From Her Jungle Wedding

6 months ago

Over the weekend, Vanessa Hudgens and professional baseball player Cole Tucker exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony in Tulum, Mexico. Their journey to matrimony began in October 2020 when they crossed paths during a Zoom meditation session led by Jay Shetty, the former monk, British author and lifestyle guru.

A love story that started with a Zoom call.

Reflecting on their first encounter, Vanessa shared, “I was literally on the Zoom with my girlfriend, and I started asking her who he was because I was intrigued. She had never seen him before, so I began scanning the Zoom squares to find out his name. I found him on Instagram, and he sent a DM the next day.”

After three years of dating, the couple took their relationship to the next level with a dreamy engagement by the Eiffel Tower in Paris in February 2023. Vanessa announced her engagement in February this year. “YES. We couldn’t be happier,” says the caption of her post.

Cole’s proposal featured an oval-shaped diamond on a delicate gold band, fulfilling Vanessa’s expressed preferences. She shares, “I definitely dropped hints about my ring. I said, ’I want a gold band with an oval diamond.’ Everyone who knows me knew what I wanted. He took it a step further and made it even more beautiful than I thought.”

After getting engaged, Vanessa and Cole chose December 2, 2023, as the date for their wedding, and they settled on the Azulik City of Arts in Tulum, Mexico, as the perfect venue. Vanessa candidly acknowledges the challenges of the planning process, admitting that planning process was overwhelming.

Wedding in the heart of the Mayan Jungle

For Vanessa, the most difficult part was finding a venue that aligned with her vision, “I wanted to be surrounded by nature, greenery, and foliage.” Venturing deep into the jungle in search of the perfect ceremony spot, Vanessa faced doubts about the accessibility of the location. “A lot of it was down an unpaved dirt road, and I proceeded to think, ’There’s no way...we’ll be able to have our wedding here—how are we going to get our entire party out here down this bumpy dirt road?’”

However, all doubts vanished when Vanessa arrived at the Azulik City of Arts. She just knew this place was meant for them. “I felt like I was transported to some kind of utopia, unlike anything I had ever been to before. It was whimsical and magical, and I just fell in love,” she recalls.

Choosing a perfect wedding dress

When envisioning her wedding attire, Vanessa aimed for a dress that exuded sleekness, modernity, and a touch of sensuality, drawing inspiration from the iconic ’90s supermodels. Eventually, her choice fell upon a gown designed by Vera Wang—a light ivory chartreuse bias-cut cowl-neck slip dress featuring a daringly plunging back. Complementing this elegant ensemble was a veil crafted from light ivory tulle, adorned with custom embroidery in a gothic font that read: “Mrs. T December 2nd, 2023.”

The bride and groom exchanged vows in front of an intimate gathering of about 100 friends and family members. Vanessa emphasizes the significance of this personal touch, speaking of the importance of writing your vows, “It is the most beautiful thing ever in a relationship to be that open and vulnerable and raw in front of all of the people you love proclaiming your love.”

In the days that followed the wedding, Vanessa still finds herself on an emotional high, reminiscing about the enchanting weekend. The actress admits that it was the most magical weekend of her life. She also notes the decision to have a phone-free celebration played a significant role, “It was amazing because at the dinner, I would look around and everyone was talking to each other. I couldn’t have dreamt it to be any better. I knew it was going to be magical, but it exceeded my expectations.”

While some couples are celebrating their weddings, others are surprising us with news of separation. Sofía Vergara finally breaks the silence on her personal life after her divorce from Joe Manganiello.


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